Open Gym is Saturday and Sunday 10-12

February 1, 2014

Make up a missed wod.  Work a weakness.  Preserve your strength.  Set a PR.  



  1. 4×5 pull-ups 1 set grey+red 3 just grey

    Redid box jump workout from yesterday and got 4:05 rx’d but that’s including time it took me to hit the start/stop button on my phone.

    5 min max effort on row 60 cal

  2. Today i did 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and double leg raises in 7:31. Then 500 singles and 2 minutes on the rower 🙂 see you in the AM

    • Zoe, if improving CrossFit is the goal, you and Tom both should put down the jump rope and replace it with a barbell.

      • Now, if CrossFit is the means to another goal (like Raquetball) that’s less important, but in terms of what you two are good at and what needs improvement, and in terms of what you see most often, straight up strength is your front burner priorty. We will start a strength biased cycle in roughly mid march.

  3. right you are brock, next weekend shall be barbell time! as for today… i think i’m worked haha

    1 min of each- Zoe score / Tom score

    rope climb- 3/3
    back squat 95/65-21/27
    pull ups- 20/30
    pistols- 16/15
    push ups- 22/25
    box jumps- 18/20
    tire flips- 9/9
    toes to bar- 14/15
    dbl unders- 53/40
    KB swing- 35/26

    part 2:

    Jackie, Zoe- 11:51, Tom- 10:51

    notes: i really need to work on my toes to bar, just gotta get the swing down. also, shouldn’t be trying to do AMRAP on rope climbs yet, really just need to work on my tech still. Tom does not know how to count while working out so he really probably did a lot more dbl unders, lol. And we both gotta stop doing so much resting… Looking forward for tomorrow!

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