Diet Contest final week. Awards Ceremony Details.

February 10, 2014

Final Week. Be extra strict and dont mess up now. Note these important dates:

Saturday Feb 15th — 9:30 to 12 noon. AFTER PICTURES taken at the gym. Weights and measures as well.

Friday Feb 14th — 8-9 am, 2:30 to 3:30 pm. And 7 to 7:30 pm After Pictures at the gym. Weights and measures if time permits.

Saturday Feb 15th Circa 8PM (possibly earlier/later) Our awards ceremony. Hosted by our the Dawn and Marcos at their lovely home on Old Chimney (1/2 mile from the gym). 1 male and 1 female athlete will split the pool (minus expenses) and get an equivalent amount of FREE CROSSFIT. Other awards presented as well. Some more serious than others.

Awards Ceremony details:

ALL members are invited, Spouses/significant others too. No crashers/friends of friends etc. This means even if you didnt participate at all, or didnt post your food, or dropped your efforts entirely back in week 2, you are still welcome.

Consumption: The entry pool will provide the beer and soft drinks. Additional drinks (booze/wine) and especially FOOD are in high demand. Make your food contribution easily shared if possible. In the past food has largely fallen into pretty healthy, (for those inspired by the contest into genuine positive change) and positively decadent/hedonistic (for those inspired by deprivation to destroy all your work in one night). Do remember that the CrossFit Open starts 11 days thereafter, and that’s the last judgement I’ll make…

Entertainment: We need suggestions for “FEATS OF STRENGTH”. Human Pyramid is a favorite and makes for a great picture but to go higher than our previous 5 levels becomes dangerous and demands a fair amount of prep and care. Limbo, handstand contests and handstand partner pushups have all been highlights years past. I am very open to your input.

Eligibility: To cast and receive vote that actually count you must 1) have before and after pictures taken within specified time frames 2) have 10 food entries posted 3)be in attendance at the awards ceremony. You can cast and receive votes that DONT count, which may console some of you who did well but fell short on eligibility requirements somewhere.

Final week advice: Depending on your goal and capacity for suffering, you can make a LOT of difference in a week. Google the words BODYBUILDING PRECONTEST FINAL WEEK DIET and you’ll get tons of articles on how to manipulate carbs, water, sodium and potassium to appear as lean as possible. You may want to alter your exercise in one of several ways, do so by substituting EXERCISE for DIET in the keyword search. We will NOT be altering the CF programming with an eye towards the diet contest finale. Our focus remains the CF Open. BUT, you are free to deviate from the programming on any given day if you choose to. Lastly, please note this very important qualifier: Peaking at your lowest bodyfat is not at all synonymous with doing the best thing for your fitness. So make no mistake, things like dramatic calorie restriction, limiting then loading your carbs, 50 rep sets, 3 hours of “cardio” a day, are all foolish nonsense that have little relation to our normal mission of maximizing your health and work capacity. These should all be short term measures for the sake of fun and a great picture. This is not sound practice for anything beyond a very short time window.

Best of luck….



  1. where’s the link for posting . . . I think I have a couple left to do! Yikes! Andrea

    • Andrea, its chronologically back where the diet contest started, around Jan 4 or 5.

  2. So. I don’t get it. Why would you cast a vote that wouldn’t count? This is about winning right? It’s not about making sure the slackasses feelings aren’t hurt 😉

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