Food Coordinating Signup and Yoga Poll

February 11, 2014

Members:   Count on a 7pm start to the Awards Ceremony.  Also, be advised that Marcos and Dawn have a huge backyard and a decently equipped CrossFit Garage Gym, all of which should play into your suggestions for possible Feats of Strength.  Also be advised that by attending you agree that your CFCB waiver applies to the off-site event and any and all guests abide by the same legal liability restrictions.

Attendees:  it has been suggested that we start an RSVP list.  Please RSVP in the comments section.  Please let us know if you are bringing a guest and also let us know what your food (preferred) or drink contribution is planning on being so that we dont end up with 15 people bringing Brownies.

Lastly,  I’d like your opinion on Yoga.  Is there any interest in my trying to find yoga instruction for the Gym, likely on one of either TU, TH or FR nights at the gym.   Sat and Sun and weekday late am’s are also a possibility.  What would you be willing to pay per class and how often would you be likely to come?  If there’s interest, I will go looking for an instructor.

Questions, suggestions, concerns, please let me know.



  1. Dave and I will be there, I’ll be bringing a dessert – probably cookies. I would do yoga occasionally but for the most part I can’t afford to pay extra for anything.

  2. Dawn and I RSVP! We will bring a house. Somebody better bring some pizza (thin and extra crispy, with pepperoni, bacon, sausage, olives, and maybe a little jalapeño), Some meat log, and a moist white cake, double layered with funfetti frosting.

    I am definitely interested in yoga 5-10 dollars per class?

  3. Please count my wife Jamie and myself in for your head count. I will find out what she is bringing unless you have a need or request right off the top and we’ll bring it.

  4. I’ll be there. I ‘ll bring Marcos a pizza and I’ll bring some bud lights also!!!

  5. Richard and I will be there. I will bring a veggie tray and something else if needed; maybe a meat/cheese tray or wings. I will check back later in the week to see if any extra is needed.

    Regarding yoga: I might be interested in trying it out, but not sure how often I could use it. Wouldn’t spend more than $10 per class.

    • WTF KATHLEEN! A Veggie Tray??? Are you kidding me?!? You better bring something fried, baked, and with lots of grease!

  6. Clark and I will wander down the road to participate. We will bring some sort of South African meat app and probably wine.

    Sooooo glad its almost over.

    Caio ~ Andrea

  7. Workout 1:
    Clean and Jerk: 155 x 1 rep x 7 sets
    Clean Pull: 245 x 3 reps x 4 sets

    Back Squat: 275 x 5 reps x 3 sets

    67 push press
    58 shuttle run

    • Put this in wrong spot , my bad

  8. Chris and Christy will be there..wont bring brownies…maybe some 7 layer dip and beer:))))))

  9. Ok, so don’t hate me but I had planned to do Paleo brownies before seeing this!!! I hope that will be ok. Ryan and I will both be there.
    As far as yoga, I’ve never done it. I might be interested in doing a class from time to time but probably not something consistently.

  10. No one to keep my son company. Enjoy.

  11. The gerstenbergers are in. We will bring meatballs.

  12. Seth and I are coming. He is making wings. I am making something with lots of chocolate…truffles, covered strawberries? And wine.

    Any chance for hot yoga??

  13. cant figure out where the food log went…so Brock..sorry but..
    am protein shake…vitamins etc..1 cup coffee
    lunch…cheese quesadilla, handful of peanuts..water
    dinner…crabcake and roasted veggies…
    pre-wrkout power bar…1 diet mtn dew at lunch
    oh, and I don’t think in interested in yoga..

  14. that was #9..chris

  15. John and I will be there with our own beer filled cooler. I will probably bring bacon wrapped green beans. Had them at a football party and they are like crack! Also maybe a buffalo chicken dip (paleo style). If there is anything specific, let me know and I’ll bring it!

    I’m really looking forward to having a guilt free beer!

    I’d be interested in a power yoga or pilates type thing if the cost is right.

  16. Rick and I will be there. I will bring a dessert. BTW…. Rick is turning 40 on Valentines day! Be sure to tell him how young he looks Saturday night!

  17. Zoe and Tom. We’ll bring tapas and wine.

  18. I will be there without a guest. Can bring buffalo chicken dip.

    Yoga…possibly interested but not willing to pay more than $5-$10 per class

  19. I’ll be there solo. I plan to smoke a few racks of ribs so I’ll brings a couple with me. I’ll also bring a few beers and possibly some whiskey.

    • Thanks Ryan I can’t wait to see what you do with that amazing grill!

  20. Daniel and I will be there late! We will pick up something on the way, and if I get to pick it will be some sort of dessert. I’d do yoga, it would be a lot closer than driving to oleander. But when I do take the drive it’s $6 per class or $30 unlimited per month.

  21. Joan and I will be there! We’ll bring an antipasti salad, a bottle of wine and bread. Sounds like it is going to be a great night with friends!
    Joan is already doing the yoga thing put thanks for asking:)

  22. Scott and Pam will there, looking forward to it, Pam is making some kinda of pizza dip thing.
    I would like to do some yoga, be good for my flexibility or lack of, could do maybe once or twice a week, pay $6-10 per class

  23. I will be there. I was told to bring guacamole dip. I was going to make flan but…
    Yoga. Yes. $5 per or 30 unlimited.


      • Flan it is! If no one eats it than more you guys get to keep! I just bought all the supplies.

  24. Me plus one…… Bringing something sweet seeing that we will have plenty of dips, pizza and wings:) Yummy!! Bringing wine of course….. As far as Yoga I will give it a pass for now.

    • Jennifer 🙂

    • It’s Jennifer

  25. It’s Jennifer

  26. Shelby and Alonzo are coming. I will bring bacon-wrapped aspargus and wine! 🙂

  27. I will be there solo, Stephen is working. I will figure out what to bring and post back. Thanks.

    • P to the S. I would do yoga if I were here, but am only really interested in hot yoga….

    • Oreo Truffles are ALWAYS GOOD!

      • I got those covered……..damn oreos have been staring at me in my pantry since Christmas. Made peppermint oreo truffles for teachers. Oreos keep that long, right?

  28. Sorry again Brock…my 10th entry
    3 eggs and coffee for brkfast
    8 pieces of turkey and cheese(2 slices) for lunch
    dinner.spinach salad with oil and balsamic..green pepper, oinions, mushrooms…water water water

  29. I will be there for the party! Not sure what to bring food wise just yet. Any requests let me know. By boyfriend is an executive chef so i have an advantage;) But ill make sure there is no duplicates:) I would be interested in yoga-sat/sun would be good. As far as money-$5?…

    • Chef????? Anything with crab and I’ll kiss you!

  30. Hopefully I’ll have time to bake an Oreo Cheese Cake or Black Forest Cake tonight. I’m also thinking of a spicy sausage cheese dip with scoops. Chazz will being coming later…the Gerstenberger’s are so kindly picking me up so I will arrive tipsy j/k, not really 😛 I’m thinking of bringing Michelob Ultra because I’m still watching my empty calories. Do we know what the keg is yet? Do we need cups, utensils, plates?

  31. I’m planning on attending and will bring Texas Caviar and chips. (Avocado and black eyed based chip dip.)

  32. Cedric and wife. We are brining corn dip.

  33. Cedric and wife. We are bringing corn dip.

  34. Aryn and I will be there late. Bringing beer and donuts.

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