WOD for Wednesday 2-12-14 and Thursday 2-13

February 12, 2014

Strength- Deadlift – 4 sets, 4 to 6 reps.  Medium Tough.  Tempo slow enough that you can self monitor your spinal position.

Monostructural-  Suggested 20 Minutes

Balance/Agility–  Balance Beam Traverse.  Options–Forward, Laterally, Backward.  Loaded.  


10 minutes-  Snatch to a heavy single.


The Bear Complex

Clean to thruster or push jerk, back squat to overhead, bar to the floor x 7 cycles for load.


100 Double Unders For time.  



  1. Wednesday: 5 min max calorie BIKE = 81

    4×5 DL 300. All touch and go under control.

  2. 5 min max calorie row = 99
    3 min max calorie row = 55
    500m sprint = 1:45
    DL = 115 x 8, 165 x 8 x 3

  3. i’d like to take a moment to thank Tom here for the bear complex… ……….

  4. Airdyne for 10 minutes then rowed 5 minutes at 8 (55 calories) and 5 minutes at 3 (48 calories).
    4×5 DL = 3,925 lbs. (185, 195, 200, 205)

    Thanks to Brock and Whitney for braving the ice and cold so we could get a workout in today!!

  5. Made up Tuesdays wod PU 75 / WB 56

  6. tom and i did 2 min of (and of course we didn’t get our scores):
    push ups
    dbl leg lifts/GHD sit ups
    handstand push ups/handstand
    double unders

    then dead lifts and some fun on the balance beam with those weird sausage shoulder weight things and 25lb plates for farmers walk (at the same time)


    Thats a little James Brown for you new schoolers who don’t know.

    PR’s in da house! I didn’t know until I went back and looked.

    Heaviest Bear at 145 today!

    2009 65 lbs, 2010 115 lbs, 2012 135 lbs, 2013 Back surgury, 2014 145. BAM!

    Heaviest single snatch “Clean” 125. Much work to do here.

  8. Thursday: Max 155. PR for me.

  9. Bear at 65. Got through rounds at 70 and ran out of time, but I think I could have finished.

    • that should be got through three rounds at 70

  10. Snatch – 60lbs, tried to work technique over weight
    Bear – 60lbs. Failed twice at 70lbs in the 4th round.

  11. Bear @120

  12. Bear complex at 75 lbs. Made it to the last back to overhead on round 4 at 85 lbs before I failed!!

    Last year failed at 75 lbs.

    100 DU – 2:59 – my arms were shot after the bear

  13. Bear 135 & 150

  14. Thursday
    Heavy snatch single = 100 but it was more of a power snatch and then I would squat down.
    Bear crap = 85 and 105 this is the first time I’ve done the bear thing. It was hard.
    DU = forgot to set a clock but I did 100

  15. Bear complex: 95 and 110
    100 DU 1:59

  16. Bear at 75 and 85 (last time did 50 and 75 so this is a pr)
    Did my DU no running clock

  17. I did bear @95 lbs. I only did one attempt because my lower back hurt after the first one.

    100 double unders in 1:17. I think that’s a pr… More importantly, it’s faster than Brock’s pr. This is the second time I beat Brock in a workout this week. Not that it’s a competition…or anyone is counting…or it really matters who the superior Wilson is.

    • I am totally keeping track!! Nice job Mrs. Wilson!! You rock!!!!!

  18. the bear was a bear! what a great workout…my max reps for 7 was 135….and it was not easy

  19. Snatch: 65lb – focused on proper technique
    Bear: 95, 115, 125
    100 DU’s: 1:42

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