WOD for Valentines Day 2-14-14 Pictures at 8am, 230 and 7pm.

February 14, 2014

On this, a “very special CrossFit”…

Partner up with that special someone, (or possibly a complete stranger, as the case may be and perform the following), in any order.

First Event-  10,000 Lbs of love–  Couples deadlift a total of 10k using the same bar, but different weights are permitted.  That sounds enormous but actual translates out to (for example) 30 reps at 185 and 47 reps at 95.   Girl/Girl Couples go to 8k, 2 guys go to 12k. Capped at 5 Minutes

Second Event- Bicycle Built for two.  1 Athlete can only pedal.  1 Athlete can only use the handles.  Combined calories in 2 minutes of effort each.  

Third Event-  I’d run up a Hill for you!–  For time.  .8 Miles on a 10 degree grade.  Two Girls .6  Two Guys 1 mile even.

4th event-  Let’s Hold Each Other–  Max partner assisted Handstand Hold.  Upside down and off the wall.  Partner’s can assist with hands, nothing else (no leaning, bear hugs etc).  1 Attempt.  Make it count.



  1. If Kate is going in tomorrow morning we will crush you all on the 10,000 pounds of love.. Just putting that out there. 😉

    • Albert, I remember your success last year! We’ll see if recent Pregnant Kate can hang…

      • I’m thinking no…. But I’ll just bask in last years glory. And try not to fall off the treadmill

  2. How long have you been thinking about these event names? They are great!

    • Kathleen, I’m naturally creative, festive and fun. But I appreciate the compliment.

      • Just doing what Wilson’s do…

  3. Partner Albert.
    DL time 1:34
    Bike calories 63
    Hand stand 2 minutes
    Run 9:34

    I just want to say I felt Albert really “got me” this morning. He was concern about my weight on the DL and just the way he held me during the hand stand was just so….. thank you Brock for your Cupid abilities LOL

  4. Partnered with Susan… the only mixed couple at 6am. She crushed it. DL in 3:48?, Airdyne 43, Susan with a killer 2:20 handstand hold, and treadmill work at 7:03.

    • Aww, thanks Ryan. I don’t know that I ‘crushed’ anything! But I had fun and that’s all that matters, right?

  5. Partnered with Don (in order):
    run – 8:04
    DL – 2:44 (1 bar @ 100 lbs)
    hand stand – 1:41
    stupid thing calories – 36

  6. I was lucky enough to be “coupled” with Scott. Here’s our scores in order of completion:

    1) DL 10K = 1:37. Scott lifted 250lbs and I lifted 135lbs. We rotated reps as follows starting with Scott then me — 10, 10, 10, 10, 5, 8

    2) Airdyne max calories = 45 cals. Scott did straight arms for 24 calories and I did all legs for 21 cals.

    3) Run 0.8 miles = 8 minutes. This was by far the hardest event for me and Scott really carried us through on this one. Our transitions were quick and seamless which helped with our overall time.

    4) Handstand hold = 2:18. Scott did the holding since I’m short and wouldn’t have been able to give him any assistance other than holding him steady. I wished I could have held out a little longer to beat Susan/Ryan or ultimately Dawn/Don, but I was started to hear the blood rushing in my ears.

    Thanks for being such an easy-going partner Scott!!!

    • P.S. This workout taught me that I would be hard-pressed to run up a hill for anyone….

  7. Glen and myself were lovers… I mean partners
    Dead lift – 12 000 in 1:25
    Airdyne – 71 calories
    Then the wheels came off a bit
    Hand stand – 1:20
    Run – 1 mile 8 minutes and change I believe but need Glen to confirm that.

  8. Partner Kristen….DL 2:07… Run 7:40….AD 51…..HS 1:27 (thanks for carrying me through the run!!!)

  9. This is by far my favorite workout day of the year! My partner was Adelynn and she kicked ass! I don’t remember any of the scores, however, I did some kind of weird dance and said “in your face” which means that we did well. Anyways, happy valentines day everyone!

    • The dance was for your kick butt handstand where I just stood there looking hot for my partner! 2:44 in your face!! AD was 53 calories. 1:35 I believe was the DL thing. Run was under 5 minutes. BOOM

      • Haha perfect! It was fun! Thank you or choosing a card that matched mine :)! Hooray for valentines day workouts!

  10. deadlift to 12,000 pounds 2:13..
    airdyne 76 calories.
    handstand 1:47 or:48?
    2000 meter row seven minutes and some seconds?
    ok ok yes my partner was Brock…but I cheered him on well and he made a good account of

    seriously was a great time and I can’t wait until tomorrow night!

  11. Stalls and I partnered. In order we did
    DL – 2:47
    HS – 2:40
    Airdyne – 44 (me:legs/Scott:arms)
    Run – 8:52 it’s safe to say that Scott basically did this whole thing by himself – I wasn’t much help at all. I need to practice running at an incline!

  12. Hold up!…not 2:13DL…..1:13..! yeah..that’s right!!
    Sorry Brock…we kicked AD and DL ass

  13. 0.8 of a mile 6:53
    AD score 46
    me: 100 lbs, 40 reps, Tom: 135, 47 reps, 2:29 total time
    i did the handstand with Tom holding my ankles (which reeealllly helps!), 2:02 total time

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