Saturday’s Schedule

February 15, 2014

After Pictures:  9:30 to 12 noon.  Just like the BEFORE pictures.  Try to wear the same thing.  Expect a slower process than the before shots, as there’s less staff working tomorrow.

Open Gym is 10-12.


The Awards Ceremony-  All CFCB members and their significant other guests are invited.  7pm at the gracious home of Dawn and Marcos.  Address is 213 Chimney Lane 28409.  Chimney lane intersects directly with Carolina Beach Road between the gym and CB.    213 is roughly 1/2 way down on your left hand side. Just look for all the super fit people.

Mingle, share stories of how you almost died from lack of Pizza or Diet Coke or India Pale Ale’s or whatever.  Feats of strength encouraged.  Chris Coble and I threw down the gauntlet in today’s couples wod, winning the 12k Deadlift and the Airdyne events. We’ll see who among you picks that gauntlet up?  At roughly 830, we’ll start the voting process.  You vote for any of the ELIGIBLE contestants and the make and female winner walk away with 2.25 months of free CrossFit each!   

Please leave questions or concerns in the comments.  Congrats everybody.  2014 is over in 11 hours….



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