Lo Tide Run link and Wednesday’s Wod

February 19, 2014

Please be advised that the Lo Tide run is coming up.  for the past 3 years I’ve run one 5k per year and it’s been this one.  A good, flat fast course that finishes with a 200 m sprint in the soft sand.  I’m skipping it this year in order to focus on the CF Open, but if the Open is anything less than the highest priority, I’d love to have you on the CFCB team being put together by our own Jacqui D.  

Link is here:  


 This needs to happen before March 1, which is next Saturday, so check your schedule and get registered.



Strength- Close Grip Bench Press 4×8 Tempo Controlled at 2-2-2-2

Work- EOMOM  x 10    a)10 Burpees b) 10 KB Swings 24/16   These are SHORT SPRINTS.  The goal is to perform the 10 reps as fast as possible, with movement speed being preserved throughout.  You will record your time for each of the 5 sets, slowest time scores.

Open Gym/Recovery

Take your recovery steps and/or get some one to one coaching and feedback on anything in the toolbox.






  1. If there is a minimum of 5 people that will commit, I’ll get the team started up. Then when you register, sign up under the CFCB name. Or suggest a different team name.

  2. I will have to check my work schedule, but I would like to run it this year. It will be my first 5k since starting crossfit. I would like to see how my time compares. If you know me, you know I hate running, but this race is fun and for a good cause.

  3. CGBP: 65, 70, 70, 65
    burpees: round 1 (highest) = :30, rest (lowest) = :29
    kb: round 1 = :17 (highest), rest (lowest) = :16

    tennis match tonight

    Whitney – I hope you don’t have to work that weekend!

  4. Cgbp 115, 135, 125, 125

    Burpees 19/20
    Kb 14/15

  5. CGBP 4×8 at 65,75,80,85
    EMOM couplet:
    Burpees – 26/28. I got 26 every time except the third round.
    KBS – 15/17.

    Tough but fun.

  6. Burpees 22/25 (first round was the slowest)

    KBS 13/15

  7. Burpees 21/23
    KB 16/18
    First was slowest last was fastest.

  8. BP 115×8,135×8,135×7,115×7….burpees 24/27….kb 17/19…….Alex, congrats on the muscle ups!!!

  9. Cgbp..155,155,145,145

  10. iI went 17/19 on the burpees. DNS the KB Swings, but did t2b instead. Alex beat my fastest burpees with 16 seconds. AND got not one but two muscleups. Good Night Alex!

  11. Burpees 15/20 kb 15/17

  12. I signed up for the CFCB team. 🙂

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