WOD for Monday 11-24-14

February 24, 2014

Strength-  4×5 Shoulder press for load.

Work A-  5 Minutes Max Calories AD Bike or C2 Row.

Work B- For time 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front Squat 155/105 30 Doubles between each round.


Athletes Prioritizing the Open, please perform Work Capacity B first, then Strength the Work Capacity A.    All others please perform in the order written.

Open Competitors- This is the last deep hip flex you’ll do this week. If the loads above seem crushing, please scale the weight. Soreness through Wed is acceptable, but thereafter we want you fresh and ready for the WOD announcement thursday. My strong bias/suggestion would be to go hard Monday, possibly tuesday. Wednesday Stretch roll recover. thursday very easy, focusing on movements with a high accuracy demand (ex sets of 20 Double unders. 5-10 Toes to bar for speed. 2 muscleups then total recovery etc etc) Friday, plot and plan your wod. If there’s some sort of curveball (pistols, HSPU’s) experiment with that movement, change alignment, stance, elements and see what works the best. We will consult and I’ll give you my input. Saturday AM we throw it down. Sunday recover/maybe hard aerobic if you’re happy with your score and Monday it’s either on to the next one OR repeat Saturday if we think we should. Outlaw has some good itemized thoughts HERE. Gear up and have fun.



  1. 2’s completed + 11 DU’s Capped at 20 min. RX

    Shoulder Press = 2760

  2. Shoulder Press – 2375
    5 Min Max Cal C2 Row – 99
    FS/DU Work – Finished 2 FS + 8 DU’s. Scaled to 115, capped @ 20.

    • Ryan way to go on the shoulder press!! In the last. Months you have made huge strides in the SP

  3. Shoulder Press: 145X’s20=2900 total

    I did wod super scaled 135 lb Front squat and 10 calories on rower instead of jumprope due to foot/ankle injury…


    still sucked!

  4. SP = 1,550 lbs. I do 75×5, 80×5, 80×5, 75×5.
    FS/DUs = 20:41 with singles.
    AD cals = 42

  5. shoulder is shot after a 2 hr tennis match yesterday – couldn’t even get 3 reps at 65lbs – roll, stretch and band therapy instead

    fs/du – finished the 3 squats on the round of 3 – rx’d
    dus were decent until the last 2 rounds, fs sucked

    • I would have done more FS in order to do less jump ropes today. For some reason singles were hard for me. I scaled thinking I would have trouble with the DUs when I got fatigued. Who knew something as easy as jumping rope would be so hard for me. 🙂 Hope your shoulders recover soon!!

  6. Shoulder press: 85, 90(4), 85, 85
    Not my best numbers, but I haven’t been taking care of myself and you can’t PR every day

    WOD: 13:37 Rxd The front squats weren’t that challenging (I credit the extra lifting I have been doing), but the double unders were miserable!!


  7. FS ladder out of the rack
    Front squats were no problem but my doubles got ugly.

    Shoulder press 115, 125, 125, 125=2450

  8. FS w/singles 19:31 @ 135lbs.. SP 1950

  9. SP = 1375 (65/70/70/70)
    Row – 64 cals
    Front squats: ran out of time so only got through round of 7 in 11:16 at 95lbs

  10. SP 2300
    87 calories on the bike
    Finished round of 3’s at 135 lb. capped at 20 min.

  11. Shoulder Press – 95 x 5 , 115 x 10, 125 x 5
    Total – 2250
    5 min row – 110 cal.
    Front Squat / Double under – 16:30 – scaled to 115 fs and did singles (90) per round due to being shattered after the row

  12. Shoulder press: 85, 90, 90, 90 all x 5
    WOD: 933
    5 min on AD 93 (up from 88)

  13. Fs/rope 12:22 singles@155
    Row..76 cal
    SP..2,725..135X5, 145X5, 135X5, 135X5

  14. Tom and I did the front squat work out first. He killed it at around twelve minutes I think. I finished in 14:44. I could’ve pushed harder on the squats. Light load on the shoulder press for me at 65/55 not sure about Tom. And we both did 5 on the rower, 61 for me….slacker.. and around 70 for Tom.

  15. WOD – 12:20 Rx (off the blocks)
    SP – 115×4, 105×10, 100×5 = 2010
    5 min row – 65 cal (tried to go harder but everything was cooked at this point)

  16. SP- 5×50, 5×55, 2×57, 4×56====863
    Row- 31 calories
    Didn’t do workout- trying to find balance between strenuous (can do after 1 week) & extreme (can do after 1 month) due to eye surgery–practiced DoubleUnders instead

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