WOD for Wednesday 5-26-14

February 26, 2014

2 minute row for calories

2 minute incline pushups for reps

2 minute row

2 minute situps

2 minutes row 

2 minutes of pistols (Scale to Lunges)

rest 5 

Repeat  sequence with Airdyne in place of Rower.

Score is reps plus calories for the row sequence,  and a second reps plus calories for the airdyne sequence.


Open Athletes:  This is the last day I’d hit anything intensely, and even then, I’d keep volumes low.  I will be working on technique and cycle time on some of the more accuracy dependent actions.  Wallballs, burpees, box jumps, toes to bar, muscleups, pistols, doubles, s20, snatches, light weight deadlifts etc.

Here are some suggestions as to how to spend this session:

Toes 2 bar-  check your grip (thumb around or open grip)  check your hand spacing.  Where should you keep your gaze?

Burpees- Partial Squat, sprawl to chest to deck, pushup and recover your feet in 1 step, jump/clap.  Check your foot spacing.

S20- Work on your bar rebound. Try to cycle your push jerk.  Heaviest s20 in the open has been 165.  115 and 135  have both been used as well.

Snatches- Check your setup.  Try splitting if you never have.

Pistols-  Experiment with different shoes.  I need to grab onto a sock, so I need to have the RIGHT sock. etc   


Basically, work anything that’s given you problems these past few weeks.  This is the last chance to experiment with any small changes.  You want to know as much as possible about everything you need to do, before you need to do it.




  1. WOD 1 bike 253
    WOD 2 row 239

  2. 226 AD
    192 ROW
    1:30 class always ROCKS!

  3. AD first = 157 reps with regular push-ups. ROWER second = 162. I tried to watch Brock out of the corner of my eye as motivation to keep moving. Was thankful for the 5 minute rest period.

  4. Row 155
    AD 195

  5. In order…

    pushups, AD, situps, AD, Lunges, AD 206

    Pushups, Row, situps, Row, Lunges, Row 200

  6. Row 195 AD 188

  7. row: 213 rx’d
    ad: 203 scaled pushups
    love situps

  8. Tom- total on rower: 208, total on AD: 175
    Zoe- worked on tech for box jumps, continuous kipping, and toes to bar. did some burpees and pistols and a rope climb. didn’t realize how much time i spent on box jumps. definitely going to take some time to learn how to do those the right way 🙂

  9. Row 205
    AD 177

  10. 161 AD
    157 Row

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