Wod For 2-27-14

February 27, 2014



10 Minutes:  Work to a heavy rep of the following complex: Squat Clean from Position 1 (High Hang), Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk

10 Minutes: Snatch Balance.  Pretty not shitty.


100 KB Swings for time.  Every drop=5 burpees.  10 minute cap.

rest 5 Minute then

EMOM x 10 

a) Rope climb  men x 2,  women x1

b) Reverse Tire Drag  men 2 lengths, women 1 length.


Open Athletes-  You can do the Oly Technique stuff at light loads.  You can continue to grease the groove on the more technical Open movments, or (my personal recommendation) you can stretch roll and recover.  Stay out of the tougher metcons above.



  1. really wish i could do the kettlebells and EMOM tomorrow, sounds like fun!! i’ll be resting though, and i’ll do it this weekend!

  2. KB WOD 4:33. Did burpees once after 61 reps.

    • sick

  3. 100 KB- 5:45 RX no drops
    Rope/tire- RX

  4. KB 5:09 I did 10 burpees

    I did the Tire drag and substituted 4 strict rope pull-ups off the box so I couldn’t unconsciously cheat jumping off my feet.

    TD: 25-27

    Rope: 8-10

  5. Completed the rope/tire work but scaled the rope aspect.
    100 KBS = 7:50 with 15 burpees; Did 30, 35, 15 then 20 KBS for a total of 100. I don’t know how you people are doing this unbroken!! My grip was shot after 65 with one break. It took all my concentration to hold onto the KB and not crush my skull for the last two rounds.

    Clean/Jerk tech @ 65, 75 and 85lbs.
    Snatch balance @ 65lbs. Didn’t really try too hard here…too busy chatting. 🙂

  6. KB: 3:17 – 100 unbroken – PR
    previous kb swings WODs – 125 kb swings in 5:27 (75/25/25)
    max rep in 4 minutes = 100

    rope/tire drag rx’d

  7. 3:18 RX’d unbroken (feels good to beat the guys!)

    • HAPPY DANCE ! 🙂

    • 1 second…the closest I will ever be to you…I’ll take it 😉

  8. 100 KB swings in 6:36 did fifty unbroken and then two sets of 25… not fantastic – lower back was taking strain. My best kb’s have been a really good leg workout and I did not feel that today… so my technique may not have been good today?

  9. KB 7:09 (I had to put it down with 7 left to go/there was little cussing going on while I did my five burpees and chalking my hands to finish) tire drags 2 trips each/ropes 1 climb each

  10. 100 kettlebells unbroken, 4:25
    scaled rope pull ups and had lots of fun pulling the tire.

  11. Kbs 4:43. Didn’t put it down, but did rest a few times.

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