WOD for Friday 3-21-14 CFGO 14.4

March 21, 2014

Against a 14 minute clock  AMRAP of


60 Calories c2 Row

50 Toes to Bar

40 Wallballs 20/14

30 Cleans (floor to shoulder, any depth) 135/95

20 Ring Muscle Ups


Open Athletes- Perform as above. Everyone else, cut the volumes in half,  so 30 calories, 25 t2b, 20 Wallballs, 15 cleans 10 Muscleups (scale to ring dips).


Tough but familiar.  We’ve done all these movements recently.





  1. Scaled to 1/2 loads with ring dips. 177 reps

    • I did the same as Greg – 177 reps….. But did not look as pretty doing it! Cheers, Clark

  2. 1/2 reps 414 minutes =166

  3. 14.4 104 RX
    thank you brock for my split times and advice for my next attempt.

    • Correction on my score 164 RX left out the calories

  4. If was a fun start can’t wait to do it again!
    168 RX no doubt you have to make it to the rings…

  5. 118 – 1/2 work with scaled ring dips – rx’d everything else

  6. 1/2 14.4 w/ scaled t2b, 80lb clean & +1band ring dips =127

  7. 130 total reps — scaled T2B to high knee raises and muscle ups to ring dips with band assistance. BUT I did the cleans RX. Actually a fun workout! And thanks to Brock for not making me feel TOO bad about being late today.

    • Of course it was 1/2 of 14.4.

  8. 14.4 = 163 RX’d

    Almost died.

  9. 154… fucking wall balls. bastards.

  10. 14.4 140rx……WB killed me….. Going to take another shot at it!!!

  11. 1/2= 144 with scaled t2b, 70 lb cleans and ring dips with bands.

  12. 179rx one clean away from the muscle ups. T2b rocked my world!

  13. 161 RX. Not as shitty as I thought. Could’ve pushed a little harder on the row, maybe a little harder on the t2b. Maybe could’ve got to the cleans a minute faster and done 10 more.

  14. 187 on friday and 190 on Sunday. Sunday I kept my t2b rest interval at a constant 10 seconds between sets of 5 and it saved me about 45 seconds which was how long it took me to get the three muscle ups from 187 to 190. Missed 1 no rep on the wallballs.

  15. 177 RX

    I just know I can get through the cleans. I had epic residual soreness from the pull-ups the other day which made me suffer on the T2B. I could do those at least a minute faster. I could easily shave 30 seconds off the row I was just over 4 minutes, way to casual of a pace, I was barely winded.

    • Oh RX, as written.

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