WOD for Monday 3-24-14

March 24, 2014

This is the last week of the Open, the last week of the narrow tool box and the last week before we start up our strength bias.  Hallelujah!  I dont know about you, but all this metcon jumping around has outlived it’s fun.  

That said, this Open has been the most interesting of the 4 years to date, with one work/rest interval WOD, a heavy element (sort of) and, for the first time, a multi-event chipper with the c2 included.  So, what have we NOT seen?  Burpees (a staple in both 12 and 13) and Thrusters (the last event every year).   I’m guessing one or both may appear in this final week and therefore we’ll prepare as follows:


Strength 1-  4×5 High Bar Back Squat.  tempo controlled at 1-5-1-?.    So that’s a 5 second pause at the bottom and as long as you like at the top. 

Strength 2- Weighted Step Up.  3×5 R and L.   Lock the grounded leg and try to work ONLY from the leg on the box.  

Work-  8 Minutes, Ascending 3’s  (3,3  then 6 and 6, then 9 and 9 etc.)  Thrusters 95/65  OTB Burpees.



  1. WOD 82 reps rx

  2. 14.4. My 2nd time. 180 reps. Split time of 13:58

  3. Only 47 reps but I finally stepped up and did 65lb thrusters for the first time in about a year

    Tempo squats:70,80,80,85

  4. tempo squats 135 X 20

    Step ups body weight

    WOD…Im pretty sure what I did was skip my round of 12 and realized it during my burpees and only did 12 burps then did 10 more thrusters in what should have really been my round of 15…confusing? I know..so…at the very least my score was 73.

  5. 5 Second Pause Squats at 135/135/155/155. Pitifully weak. Stupid Open cant end soon enough. Pleased that I wrapped up 14.4 on Sunday so that I can work heavy m and tu (heavy being a relative term these days).

  6. WOD – 60 reps (scaled to 65# thrusters)

  7. Squats 135×20….wod 63 rx

  8. squats at 95/105/115/125 with lilli! then weighted step ups on the pink box with a twelve and a 15.. probably could have went to 20.

    I thought my score was 103.. which is what i put on the board.. but now that I think about it.. I may have skipped my round of 9/9… i cant remember. so if that’s the case then that would make it 85.. that seems a little more legit for me. haha

    theennnn some personal entertainment for kristen while she rowed foreverrrr. Lilli and I performed handstands, handstand walks, incline pushups (toes on the tire) 4×5 and diamond push ups, and tire flips and ring dips. 🙂

    • Zoe, your comments have crossed the border into “commentary” but it is quite enjoyed. Keep it up.

      • Sorry.. I don’t have Facebook.

  9. 69 rxd

  10. 93 reps rx

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