WOD for Thursday 3-27-14 Saturday’s Local Affiliate Gathering.

March 27, 2014

This Saturday, we will extend Open Gym and host an unpredictable number (could be large or quite small)  of other CrossFitters who will be closing out the CFG Open with workout 14.5.   While we actually wont know what the wod is until thursday evening, I am hoping that you all will come and join in the festive atmosphere.  All experience levels and abilities are welcome, and you dont have to be registered for the open to participate.  Food served at 12 Noon.

Please rsvp in the comments section if you are able to attend.  And just to head off anything like ” Saturday is the day I devote to my kids” type of babble,  take it from me,  Your kids would   L O O O O V E   to get you out of their hair for a few hours Saturday morning.  Let them play some Xbox and drink some Mt. Dew, for crap’s sake!   What are you, Tiger Mom?

WOD for Thursday

Complete all elements against a running clock.  

Run 1 mile

Row 1600 m

Airdyne 100 Cals

Row, Bike and run in any order, but you must complete any given element before moving on to the next one.  So no 800m followed by 50 cals etc.





  1. WOD 23:12 run,row, bike

  2. Run 7min
    Row 6:45
    Bike 8:30
    Total 22:15

  3. I’m embarrassed to post after those speed racers. I hate that airdyne. That alone took me 13 or 14 minutes.
    row – 8 something
    run – under 10 (which i was happy about)

    Total 31:33

    • Susan, your time was fine, you just had the bad luck to be posting behind two of the faster AM athletes.

  4. I should be able to make it on Saturday.

  5. Did something similar to this last week – my kind of workout – nothing that I have to lift over my head 🙂

    row – 7:04
    run – messed this up a bit by hitting the emergency stop around the .6 mark and had to restart and go to .4 – 10ish minutes
    bike – 13:56
    total – 32:24

    I will be there on Saturday.

  6. Total: 24:32 row, run, devil’s bike

  7. Man… That shit sucked!
    Run -8:28 PR!
    Row -6:57 eh… No previous score to compare to
    Death bike – almost 16 F** minutes!

  8. Tom – 22:30
    Zoe- 😦

  9. 21:49
    Run: 7:12, Row 6:19, Bike 7:17, Time between actions catching my breath – 1:01

    • Holy SHIT!!!!

  10. 30 minutes and change…..that was awfull

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