WOD for Friday 3-28-14 CFG Open wod 14.5 and an alternate

March 28, 2014

StrenhFirst off, please note that you can perform this WOD Friday at all the regularly scheduled times OR you can attend our affiliate social  on Saturday from 9-1.  Saturday there’s food, and not just burgers and wonder bread.  No indeed.  Matt R. is slinging a paleo feast with like, 4 courses, so factor that in your decision.

The Open WOD is as follows

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of Thrusters @ 95/65,  Bar Facing Burpees

Thats 84 reps of each action.  It took the champs 8:30 to 11 minutes, so count on 15-20.  

Now, if the above seems intensely familiar, that because we did a very similar workout with identical thrusters and OTB burpees JUST MONDAY.  So Open Athletes, you should be ready for the suck.  This one will run longer, but the impact will be similar.  Everyone else, I’m going to cap this at 15 AND (because Thrusters and Burpees are bad enough on their own, worse when combined and unbearable when done 2x in a week) give you the option of skipping this entirely in favor of our alternate WOD.

Strength – 30 Bench Press for time.  Guys Bodyweight/ Women .66 bodyweight. 7 Minute Cap.

Strength 2- 50 Sumo Deadlift  for time.  Guys 1.25 Bodyweight/ Women Bodyweight. 7 Minute Cap

Work- 3 Minutes of Plank Hold.  For time.  





  1. 14.5… 21:26

  2. 14.5 17:49. 30 bench press @ 195 4 ish Glen forgot the start time

    • My bad it’s hell to be getting old… but breaking rocks is fun! Happy Birthday Greg!

      • Thanks man!!

  3. BP-4:2? at 65lbs/~50% bw
    SDL-6:14 rx’d at 130lbs (bw-129)

  4. 24 @185 bench press
    5:35 50@225 sumo deadlifts
    3:10 plank

  5. BP = 20 @ 205
    SDL = 4:33 @ 255

  6. BP: 2:14 @ 65lbs (~50%) – should have gone with more weight, but wasn’t sure what my shoulder could handle
    SDL: 3:42 rx’d @ 135lbs (slightly over BW)
    plank: 3:00 – no break thanks to Veronica for talking to me to help distract me

  7. Bp 70lbs (over 50 percent, under 66) 5:47

    DL at 135 (bw 137) 5:12

    I did the plank but didn’t note total time. Oops

  8. 14.5 in 19:06
    Body weight bench 30 in 4:27

  9. BW BP 30 reps in 4:18 @ 195 (a couple of lbs over BW) I could’ve probably gone about a minute faster…dont know what I was thinking, I was going for 5 rounds of 7 reps emom and then realized 2 reps into the 5th set thats 35 reps! DUH! I could’ve finished in 3 minutes.

    Deadlifts stayed at BW, still not comfortable doing high reps for time. Only got 30 reps done by the cap time.

    Plank, finished 3 minutes no breaks and went until 4 minutes no breaks.

  10. I’ll be there in Saturday. I forgot to RSVP yesterday, sorry!

    • I’ve been working like a dog!:( I will also be there Saturday!

  11. Bench Press = 27 @ 145# (65% bw)
    Deadlift = 39 @ 225# (1.02% bw)

    Didn’t plank cause’ I wanted to immediately start rolling my back.

  12. 14.5
    Open over

  13. 14.5: 13:04

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