Close Out the Open with 14.5 9 to 1 pm. Food at noon. Closed Sunday. Strength Bias Starts MONDAY

March 29, 2014

Athletes, our doors are open at 9am tomorrow and stay that way until 1 pm.  Come and get your 14.5 score verified.  Open gym is concurrent BUT, please be advised that if turnout is high, we may be short on space and equipment.

Food is at noon the forecast is for 70 degree, so come on out!


Strength bias, and what to expect from the next 12 weeks will be detailed on Sunday RIGHT HERE.  So please check back before you wander aimlessly in on Monday and make me repeat myself.





  1. 14.5 (29:11)……Matt, thanks very much for the food. That was awesome!!!!

  2. 17:34 for zoe!
    15:15 for tom .. give or take a few seconds i think
    !! 🙂

    so great to see athletes from other box’s!!

    • Tom was definitely 15:15. I just didn’t stop the clock when he finished.
      – Andrea

  3. Good times.
    It was brutal but the free food and awesome company made up for it!

  4. Thanks so the fun Brock and Whitney! The food was awesome Matt! Thanks so much!

    14.5 = 13:04

    • holy bananas.

  5. 14.5 – 16:20
    If it wasn’t for bob I may have quit at the round of nine! That was tough going for me.

    Thanks for the grub!

    ~ Andrea

  6. 20:22 with front squats instead of thrusters – still miserable!

  7. Many thanks Brock and Whitney for a great day and Mat incredible food many thanks to you as well! I knew it was time to leave thou when the girls started doing muscle-ups on the rings 🙂

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