WOD for Tuesday 4-1-13 Change of Plans….

April 1, 2014

Guys, It looks like I may advance to the second round of competition, and therefore I’ll need all the help I can get.  The second round of Master’s WOD’s is released in 3 weeks, so just until that’s over  I  P R O M I S E  lets keep the Metcon focus we;ve had.  Your feedback has been really helpful in fine tuning my games prep.  I really appreciate your patience on this.

SO our wod is as follows,

 8 minute AMRAP  of  Toes To Bar/ Hang Power Snatches at 95/65

rest 5 minutes then

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of 

c2b pullups

Wallballs 20/14

S20 @ 135/80



HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!  Psyche.  No way we’re doing that.  The Open is O V E R.  It’s April Fools.  Did I get you????


Our wod is 

1 RM Shoulder Press

3×8 Shoulder press for load

Then EMOM x 15.  So 5 times through the cycle.

a) 2 Rope climbs Men-Head to Ceiling, Women-Hand to Ceiling

b)  Airdyne Calories M-15, W-12

c) Wall Walkups  M-3, W-2




  1. bahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Damn! I was about to congratulate you!

  3. Max Shoulder Press 185. Prior max 200. Not Good!
    Completed rope climbs, hell bike and walk ups.

    • I’m coming to wipe your name Larry!!!

      • You mean wipe your name off and mine on 🙂 the BIG WHITE BOARD awaits you young grasshopper.

  4. 1RM Should Press – 150
    3×8 @ 110 = 2640
    Completed WOD but arms were TRASHED.

  5. I love that you used the word psyche. That made my day.

    Sp 80
    60x8x3 = 1440

    Did the work with plank pull-ups on rope. Need to work on rope climbing.

  6. SP – 67, down from 72
    50x8x2, 50×6
    Scaled the work

  7. SP 145
    3×8 – 2495

  8. SP – 145, shoulder popping all the way to the bank
    3×8 – 2400
    Enjoyed the rope climbs and the wall walk-ups …Beelzebub’s bike still blows.

  9. way to go Brock!

  10. GHD instead of SP – 3×10 on sides, 3×10 front
    work – 2 rounds rope rx’d, 1 round skipped, 2 rounds 1 climb only
    missed 12 cal for 1 round – 11 cals
    love wall walk-ups!

  11. You totally had me going there for a minute Brock!!

    1 RM SP = 92; I tried twice at 95 and failed.

    3×8 SP = 1,720lbs (70×8, 75×8, 70×8)

    AD/wall walk ups/modified rope climb

    • I totally scaled the rope climb. And I skipped them completely in round 3. Also, I only got 10 calories on that stupid bike in rounds 3, 4 and 5.

      • Damn… I meant to say I skipped the wall walk ups in round 3. My goal in 28 days when Brock makes us do this again is to NOT skip any rounds and to get 12 calories in all rounds on the AD.

  12. Ya got me!!

  13. 1RM= 201 *PR* BEESHES!

    150X8 145X8 135X8 total 3,440

    Work definitely did not Nail it! Destroyed my toe on wall walkups second round and It just got in my head…I kinda just jogged through after that.

  14. Shoulder Press 1RM – 125#
    3×8 – 95# x 17 reps = 1615

    Rope Climb (scaled), AD, Wall Walk Ups

  15. SP 135 lbs 1rm…. 95lbs x24reps

  16. the sad part is, as i read it.. i was nodding like “ok.. yeah. ok.. on it…. oh wait. liar.” hahaha and the worst part, i already knew there was a joke roaming about somewhere…ANYWAY..

    STOKED ABOUT MY PR deadlift tonight 🙂 255lbs

    tom did 130 1 rep max shoulder press, 3×8 at 95 lbs= 3880

  17. Shoulder press: 110
    3×8 at 85 lbs

  18. Tuesday
    1 rep max shoulder press 145
    3×8 @ 110 = 2640

  19. SP 155 1 rep max

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