5-6-14 Please record Shoulder Press 4×5 and Freddy’s Revenge HERE. ALSO- Progenex is here. Details on payment.

May 6, 2014

Progenex is here.  Even if I have your card on file, please bring it when purchasing.  We have a new system and for some of you, I need your CCV numbers (whereas with our old processor, we did not)


Please record your Shoulder Press and Freddy’s Revenge in the comments.



  1. Shoulder Press: 155×5, 160×5, 160×5, 155×5 = 3150 avg. 157.5
    Push Press: 175×5, 185×5, 205×5
    Freddy’s Revenge: 7:56 RX
    Had a great workout partner today Nick McFarlane. He pushed me so hard I had to buy Recover before leaving.
    On a side note I left my water/mixing bottle today by the sit up racks. White/clear with powder on the bottom. Please if you find it put it in the bathroom for me. Thank you 🙂

    • Wow Larry! Thats an incredible improvement on Freddies in just 28 days! Kudos!

      • Last time a dropped once in my 3rd round and 2 times in the 4th round on the over heads. This time I split jerk from rep which allowed me to do my burpee’s faster.

  2. 2700 shoulder press
    Freddie’s 6:06

  3. SP- 1120 avg 56
    Work: 8:34 @60 previous 9:59@60 does taking it out of the rack make that big of difference?? Or am I just getting stronger….ehh–probably stronger 😉

    • Michelle, I’m not entirely sure. Controlling the bar down and placing it in the rack is a lot tougher than just dropping it after your fifth rep, but of course, taking it out of the rack is easier than cleaning it. I tend to think out of the rack is slightly (but not much) easier/faster when you add it all up.

  4. Sp 135, 135, 135, 135=2700
    Avg 135

    Freddy 8:00 @ 155
    Rd1 :55
    Rd2 2:10
    Rd3 3:50
    Rd4 5:45
    Rd5 8:00

    • Freddy’s was out of the rack.
      Last time was 8:45 @155 from the floor.

  5. Back was still tight/sore from yesterday. Rowed 5K 24:45 then lots of rolling, stretching, ghd work. Actually felt a lot better when I walked out!

  6. SP 160, 165, 175, 175 Total weight 3,375 avg 168.75

    …looking back at last week I screwed myself…I did more heavy sets this week, but my first 2 were lighter throwing my avg this week down .25 lbs…must plan smarter next week.

    Freddies Revenge: 8:04 RX off the rack.

    I failed to lock out on my very last rep, had to put the bar down causing me to lose at least 20 seconds…I will be in the 7:30 range next time!!!

  7. SP – 2,550
    PP – ✓

    Freddy – 6:46 @125 from floor

  8. SP 120×5,5,3, 115×5….wod 9:03 @ 135lbs

  9. Shoulder press 75×5 80×5 82×5 85×5
    Push press 95×5 100×5 105×5
    Freddy’s revenge 8:09 85# out of rack

  10. SP- 80×5, 85×5, 87×5, 90×5 1710
    Freddy 6:27@80 lbs. Should have gone heavier.

  11. SP = 1,635 (75×5, 80×5, 85×5, 87×5)
    PP = 3×5 @ 95lbs
    Freddy = 8:07 @ 85lbs. 48 seconds faster than last month…probably because I didn’t have to clean it every round.

  12. Made up Thursday
    SP 1500 (75x5x4)

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