Changes to Th and Fr. Notes about HELEN. PS- New PR’s change the board.

May 15, 2014

First- Congrats to Jacqui ans Shelby whose HELEN times were both personal PR’s and good enough to secure 2nd (Shelby 11:11) and 3rd (Jacqui 11:26) place on the board. You are ALL encouraged to regularly check the CFCB Leaderboards and go after any WOD or lift you feel good about!

Perhaps more than advice to you all, this may be more along the lines of a “note to self” but worth sharing nonetheless,  When you’ve been at this as long as I have (going on 6 years)  and it’s a “big deal” benchmark like HELEN, I tend to get caught up in NEEDING to PR,  and by and large that’s not a good thing.  My HELEN PR is 8:23 .  Decent but not awesome.  Regionals level CrossFitter’s will be in the 745/810 range and game athletes in the 720/745 range.  I was dreading HELEN today, in part because I knew I wouldnt PR.  I havent been running at all,  I have some aggravating but not dangerous pain in my hip/IT band  and “Nascar your Plates”  had trashed out my legs but good.

 I spent a good 20 minutes, stretching, rolling and jogging in the hopes that I could warm up the pain away, and while it did diminish it didnt disappear.  I thought about postponing, but I had missed out on HELEN the last few times we had programmed it, and (signifcantly)  I was SURE the pain was not dangerous, didnt rise to level  of an injury.  So I roadmapped the WOD as follows:  easy runs but 100% effort on the KB Swings and pullups.  No breaks on those elements and push the run as much as the hip would allow.  The result was 9:24.  1 minute off my PR  and slower than my self declared goal of 9 flat, so not exactly bragging material BUT  I did go unbroken from the start of my KB swings to the finish of my pullups every round.  Smooth and fluid swings, good rythm on the butterfly pullups.  Ive never had THAT aspect of HELEN go so well.  My runs were 145,  210 and 210.  Those are BAD times, but I know I can improve with some focus. And when I do, I now know I can flow the KBS/PU parts of the round.   Small  victories are still progress….


OK.  So,  people seem pretty fatigued.  Many of you dealt with fatigue by….staying home.  Both tomorrow and friday,  I’d like you to cherry pick from among the remaining lifts and metcons as outlined below.  I was jazzed uo for the reverse ladder but HELEN may have left me with a mild hamstring issue, in which case I may bench tomorrow and save the ladder for another time.  You have those options tomorrow as well.   We will discuss…



Target-Deadlift 4×5 for load.

Supplemental-Alternate deadlift (Sumo or Standard) equal weight as the target but only 3×5.

Work- Reverse ladder Squat cleans 95/65, Burpees.  25-5, 20-10, 15-15, 10-20, 5-25


Target- 4×5 Bench Press for load.

Supplemental- 3x Max Effort Pushups.

Work- 10-8-6-4-2 for time.  Ring dips, Wallballs, Snatch from the hang 95/65.





  1. DL: 135×5, 155×5, 175×5, 155×5 = 3100
    10-8-6-4-2 ring pushups, wallbalss, hang cleans: 6:41

  2. Wod 96 reps rx

  3. DL- 185, 205, 205, 215 = 4050 way better than I thought, probably could do heavier next time
    Reverse ladder- 120 reps, 5 more reps than last time- not a big gain but I’ll take it.

  4. I did the reverse ladder fresh, with no lifting in front of it, and finished in 14:50.

  5. dl–130,140,145×2. ladder a little further in and heavier than last time…progress.

  6. Bench Press 235, 225, 230, 232 avg 230.5 up.5 but I missed last week so not losing any avg is a win.

    Fridays WOD 7:07 last time was 8:01

  7. Deadlifts 4950
    WOD reverse ladder 120 reps

  8. Clean work
    Ladder WOD at 12:50

  9. Deadlift 175×20 = 1805

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