Memorial Weekend Schedule

May 24, 2014

Saturday 10-12 Open Gym

Sunday 10-12 Open Gym

Monday 10-1 Murph  Starting times at 10:15 and 11:30.  You can also operate as if this is an open gym period.


Athletes, Since Memorial Murph will eclipse your regularly scheduled Squat day,  you are encouraged to get in on Sat or Sun and perform your squat movement for 4 sets of 3 reps at approx 10% more weight than your heaviest 4×5.


Lastly,  remember Memorial Day is to honor those fallen in the service of our country.  Veteran’s day honor’s living veterans.



  1. Did what would be a normal Monday.
    4×3 Front Squats: 255×3, 255×3, 255×3
    40 KB, 30 wall balls, 20 burpee’s, 10 box jumps. Rest 3 min and repeat.
    did not keep time. Clock was running for athletes doing Murph.

    • Larry, fyi for the future, just jump in on any even minute and subtract your starting time.

  2. FS 200×3, 190×3, 190×2, 175×3 ( 200 was my 1 rep max)….skipped the wod and worked on DU’s

  3. Back squat 310x5x3 310×4. Shoulder Press 150x5x3 150×4

  4. Murph today for Wendy and I at the homestead ( kid managment )

    Great WOD for so many reasons

    • Murph took me an hour……despite the runs being very manageable.

      Very taxing workout, feels great to have done it

  5. Scaled to half the volume and went 20:33. Sub 20 was the goal and I struggled with the runs a fair amount.

    • Still very agressive Brock!
      Hugging a 3min 800 would only leave you 14min to get through a stout amount of movements! I’d say thats a great time

      • Rick, my first 800 was 3:35 and likely my next was a minute slower, so 8 minutes ballpark. Then 12:30 for 50 Pullups, 100 Pushups, 150 squats. Squats were 6×25 Pushup were 2×20 then 6×10. Pullups 5×10 all butterflyed (SIC?) Pretty constant movement. Double the volume and everything gets more than 2x as slow. But I DO appreciate the kind words.

  6. Murph on Saturday with the 20lb vest.
    First mile was 7:30
    Broke everything into a Cindy format
    2nd mile was brutal. The vest was hurting my shoulders pretty bad. What caught me off guard was how hot I would be with the vest on. I wanted so bad to rip it off!!

    • Thats stout Jeff!!

      I did my runs with the elevation mask on and ran 8 first, and second took 10! Both well off my mile speed of 7s…

      I broke my movement into 4, not sure if I would have gained any benifit from more breakup….the 50 pushups got crummy fast.

      45 is great!!!!

  7. Murph: 59:26 rx’d

    Last time I did this it was so slow that I didn’t record it, but remember it was around the 1:15 – 1:20 time range.

    Broke up into 10 rounds of 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 squats
    Time after round 5 was 24 minutes. Last 30 pullups were one at a time trying to prevent a rip that was starting.

  8. Murph 54:43 (1st time) went 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 30 squats. Wanted to get the squats over with ASAP to let my legs recover for the 2nd run. (Went unbroken on all pull-ups and push-ups and broke the squats up 15&15 and 10,10,&10.

  9. 62:18 w/ +2 band 10 rounds of 10/20/30

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