General and Specific Compliments. Please note the weekend schedule. Please record your SP 4×3 and Freddy’s revenge #’s here.

June 3, 2014

First off, in general, Strength #’s are REALLY shaping up well.  Many of you are equalling or exceeding your 1 rep maxes with 3 weeks left to go.  I am THRILLED at the progress.  That’s ALL CAPS “Thrilled”.   Newer lifters will almost always make bigger % jumps than more experienced lifters, but these GAINZ seem to be across the board.  

 If you are someone who has done a 12 week strength cycle with us in the past, Please do me a tremendous favor and tell me what you think has made the difference in progress this cycle vs prior cycles.    Maybe it’s simply a matter of consistency.  Could be the supplemental strength movements were more of a factor.  Perhaps your nutrition and recovery was prioritized.   Please do weigh in.

So today we had some performances worth noting.  Kim went 255×3 Back squat legit, and came close on 275.   Kurt squatted his 1 rep 3x. 345.  No belt, no shoes, no knee braces.  No nothing.  Kate S.  1  rep x 3.   Zoe FS on the supplemental FS at 125×5.  Kaysie 2 months in Back squat 175×3.  Marcos 325×3.   Michelle K. 1 rep x 3.  Many others I am either forgetting or have lost track of.  But regardless,  some really great numbers!  

On a different note, please be advised that this Saturday I am attending a nutrition/supplement workshop.  This will eclipse open gym and we will make those hours up Sunday from 10-1.



  1. I have mention on more than a few occasions to you that I liked your programing. I really like how the WOD’s (named/your own) that follow the strength program tie into the strength segment we just preformed. With the addition of recycling in rotation the WOD’s with the strength cycle I am able to go back and see my notes, times etc.. and make corrections for the next time. This along with strict supplements and the drive to succeed has helped me make good improvements in strength/mobility.

  2. I’ve done 4 strength cycles, though I was pregnant during the 3rd one. The first was 5-3-1 and I didn’t have nearly as much success with that program. This time around the supplemental work has been more challenging. And I really like the 4 week repetitive met cons. I find that very motivating. I’ve noticed that I don’t try as hard if it’s one that I haven’t done before. And I was 1 rep +5 x3. 😉

  3. Also, Kaysie and Kim – you two amaze me! If I was that strong I’d be way less humble than you are.

  4. Pretty good numbers there, good job!!

  5. 125×3 135×1. Last week was 115×3 and 125×1. Freddie’s revenge 135@9:38 Previous was 115@9:52

  6. Shoulder Press: 165×3, 175×3, 175×3, 185×2 so close on the 3rd
    Freddy’s revenge 8:29 RX off the floor

  7. First off, who the hell is Kim??? 255×3 on back squat….Wooowwww!! I want to see that.

    Work is all consuming this week so not sure if/when I will make it. 😦

  8. Brock – while I certainly represent the newer lifter demographic, being able to see measurable “gainz” each week as a result of this cycle has not only given me more exposure to some of these movements, but it has also clarified my goals knowing what to expect from week to week. Being fairly new to this joint, this cycle hit at the exact right time for me and I’ve enjoyed it.

    SP – 135,145,140,140 = 1,680
    PP – 140 X 20
    Freddy – 8:48@135

  9. SP: 60×3, 65×3, 70×3, 50×3 (70 hurt)

    Freddy’s revenge: 8:04 @ 80lbs – first time doing this with s2o

  10. SP – 3×125+9×135=1590
    PP – 10×115, 10×125
    Work: 11:14, 2rds@125, 3rds@115 and I was spent at the end ….

  11. Shoulder Press 190,190,190,185 all successful for 3.

    Freddy 8:01 RX from the Rack…I know its a good time but I am disappointed in myself. I went 8:04 last time but I only failed one rep and only put the bar down once the whole time. I must have put the bar down 5 or 6 times this go and made up my time on the burpees…Maybe I didnt rest enough time after my sets of 3’s.

  12. SP = 135, 145. 155. 165 (165 is my old PR). I should have started heavier this week

    Freddy = 9:29 at 155

  13. SP 4×3: 115 x 12

    Freddy’s Revenge: 9:34 @ 105#

  14. SP-60, 62, 65, 65=756–>65 was 1RM

    • Freddy’s revenge- 8:06@60, last time was 8:34 & time before that was 9:59 @ same weight

  15. Way to go Kim! you are wicked strong!

    SP: 107, 110, 112, 115 all x 3
    Freddy: 5:53 Rx

    • ohh and I have done the strength cycle in the past but have been more consistent this time so I am seeing more gains. In the past I also worked on different movements like OHS and Split Jerk. I like how we are repeating WODs (except for the row one because it kills me). I also have been doing a better job at keeping track of all my numbers which is a HUGE help. I feel like last time I would forget then when I came in the next week I just kind of estimated what I should be doing.

  16. SP145, 150×2, 145, 150×2

    Push press 4×5
    150, 150, 155, 155

    Freddy’s revenge @155
    From floor 7:30PR
    Previous times 8:45 from floor then 8:00 from rack all at 155.

  17. SP 82×6, 82.5×3, 85×3 – 994.5
    80 was 1rm

    Freddy’s 7:14@90

    Did this back in April 5:43@70

  18. Shoulder press 85,90,95, 100×1, failed=910
    Still happy with these numbers even with the failure
    Push press 95, 105, 115×4, 105
    Freddy’s revenge 9:14, 105#

    Same work on 5/6 8:08, 85#
    Overall a decent improvement, imagine if I had been here for the whole strength cycle.

  19. Also, I have not been here for the whole strength cycle, I think I started at about week five or six. I prefer this type of strength programming because I don’t feel like I have over trained. In the past, other programs have required a more focused and diligent repetitive schedule. For example, back squats 3-4 times in the same week. I am almost at my previous 1RM of 215. Last week I did 200 x3. I have made more substantial gains in shorter period of time. And not dreaded going to the box. I like doing the WODS over again as well, it’s motivating.

  20. I went 156×5, 156×5, 150×5, 150 x 4.

  21. SP – 135 x 12 – 1620

    • PP @ 135
      Freddy – 7:08 @ 135

  22. SP 142, 142, 140, 140 = 1692
    Freddie’s 8:14 at 140

  23. I believe this is my 3rd strength cycle. I have been very inconsistent this time, but have had the best numbers ever. My diet has not been great and haven’t been consistent with protein…so not sure what to attribute the good numbers to. Not being consistent, I have missed a lot of the workouts because I usually make up missed lifts. The few that I have been able to do and repeat, times have gotten faster. Sorry!!! I don’t know!!

  24. SP 85×9, 90×3
    PP 100, 110, 115, 110

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