WODS for the WEEK 6-9-14 to 6-13-14. CrossFit Golf Notes. 7-19-14

June 9, 2014

Note some changes in bold.

Monday- Target-4×3 Squat Movement for total load.  Supplemental-3×5 Reverse Lunge for load/completion. 85% Work- “Nascar Your plates” 5 RFT of 8 Back Squats 225/145, 8 S2O @ 135/95.

Tuesday- Target-4×3 Shoulder Press for load. Supplemental- 3x Max Effort Dumbell Burnouts. Work- 5 RFT of 30 Doubles/15 Grasshoppers.

Wednesday- Target-4×3 Pullup for load. Full Extension but no full stop. 3×5 Scapular Retraction Work- HELEN 3 RFT of 400 m run, 21 KB Swings, 12 Pullups.

Thursday- Target-Deadlift 3×3 for load. First set touch and go.  2&3 set, Hand Release. Supplemental-Alternate deadlift (Sumo or Standard) 3×5 @ 85%. Work- Reverse ladder Squat cleans 95/65, Burpees. 25-5, 20-10, 15-15, 10-20, 5-25

Friday- Target- 4×3 Bench Press for load. Supplemental- 3x Max Effort Pushups. Work- 10-8-6-4-2 for time. Ring dips, Wallballs, Snatch from the hang 95/65.

CrossFit Golf returns after an absence in 2013!  Clear your schedule NOW.  This is not to be missed.  It’s like Christmas/Hannukah/Solstice/The CrossFit Games/The Olympics/Mardi Gras and the 4th of July all wrapped up in a Box of Awesomeness, with a bow of Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domains AAANND a double side of YOLO!  Some details below with others to be determined.

4 Person Teams-  Must be 2 Women and 2 Men.

Start Time is 4pm.  For the first time CFG is on a Saturday.  (7-19)

A Minimum of 9 Events, most of which amount to some measure of race from the tee’s to the hole.  

Some events will favor the large and some will favor the smaller.  

While we WILL keep score, The focus is on FUN.  To that end, I strongly suggest forming a team with people you like, not looking for 4 firebreathers so you can “win”.

Whitney will be judging but we can use 2 or 3 more.  Please speak to me if that’s of interest.  

Personally I will withhold committing to a team till the very end in the event that some team needs a 4th member.

Price has yet to be determined, depending on our host’s staffing circumstances.  Be advised that it will definitely be more than the 15$ it has been in years past.

Initially, ONLY CFCB members and spouses can participate.  After we get a rough idea of the headcount, we may open it up to friends and other CF gyms.

If someone you don’t want to team up with, asks you to join him or her on a team, here are some good excuses that will save their feelings:

“I may be sick that day.”

“I’m not sure if I have to work or not.”

“I’m allergic to bee stings and I need to make sure my medicine from Canada arrives before I commit.”

There are some others but these work pretty well.  






  1. Carry Your Fatty!!!!!

  2. 265 best set of 3 on Front Squats.
    NASCAR: 9:54 RX Just a horrible time for me today.
    GOLF: My wife will like to No Rep some athletes Brock on July 19th. Seriously she wants to be a judge. 🙂

  3. BS- 135×3
    NASCAR – 7:35 at 90/60. Up from 4+8 in May and 3+14 in April.

  4. Front squats Heaviest set of 3 was 215
    NASCAR 4 rounds or 64 reps at 175/135.

  5. BS 165×3
    NASCAR 9:42 at 125/75 (last time was 9:05 at 115/75)

  6. 325 heaviest BS

    NASCAR 75 reps RX…Only 5 SP left to finish…only needed maybe 10 more seconds, I was pounding those all out consecutively. This is a PR, and I know I said this last time, but I WILL finish this next time!!!

  7. Nascar WOD: 7:43 @ 145/95#

    Down from 8:05 @ 105/85# on 4/14

  8. BS 205×3- heaviest EVER set of three
    Nascar 4 rounds + 5 squats Rx
    (Last time 125/85 in 8:something)

  9. FS 205×3(210×1 pr)…..wod 72reps 165/115……did hang cleans in lieu of s2o (shoulder is still sore)

  10. BS – 280 heaviest set of 3
    NASCAR – 9:28 scaled @ 145/115 (not great but stupidly did the summer chipper the day before 33:08 RX)

  11. Teams give me anxiety… memories if being last for kick ball. .shudder….

  12. BS – 3×240 Heaviest to date. At time limit with 72/80 scaled 145/95.

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