CrossFit Golf Notes and Team Rosters (so far)

June 19, 2014

CrossFit Golfers:  We are a little more than 4 weeks away from “CFGIV-This Time, It’s Personal!”  Price has yet to be determined, but it’s a bargain at a million dollars, so dont let that deter you.

Team selection is up to you!  I recommend you to start assembling your team now.  Recall that we must have an even gender split of 2 guys/2 women and spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends are allowed.  Be advised that it IS challenging and hot and there is running of short (500-600m) distances involved.  If your new, or a wallflower and have no CFCB friends but still want to participate, that is totally fine.  You can join me in the “unaffiliated” pool of friendless losers and we will form up teams by scraping the dregs from the bottom of the barrel the week prior.  

One note that is quite important to me:   This is NOT a competitive event.  This is fun with a fitness element.  It’s considered VERY bad form to get to wrapped up in the results.  Please dont yell at the judges, get mad at your teammates, complain about the events being biased to the tall, the short, the big, the small, etc  ad infinitum.  We’ve had 1 instance of that  (actually at the beach wods, not CFG but they are pretty similar) and I really want to make sure that never happens again, as it made some people uncomfortable at what was supposed to be fun for all.  In short, if you’re upset at your placement at CrossFit Golf, you have mental problems.

So, new or experienced, you are all encouraged to attend.  Judges are also in demand.  Up to 4 or 5.  I believe we have 2 confirmed.


Please use the “comments” section for questions, and/or to solicit teammates.

As of Sunday 6-22 to the best of my knowledge, we have the following teams:

Dawn, Wendy, Marcos, Rick

Scott Stalls, Larry, Lia,

Shelby, Alonzo (BF)

Jade, Adelynn, Spouse and Spouse (Zach and Stephen)

Greg, Amber (GF), Clark and Andrea

Judging- Whitney and Jamie Keith

Thank you all for getting your act together ahead of time. Expressing interest/availability but as of yet unaccounted for are Bob F. Zoe, Jaclyn, James H. and myself. Still plenty of time, but dont wait too long. Start thinking of Team Names and Uniforms. Uniforms need not be fancy and certainly not expensive, but should differentiate your teammates from others in what may be a crowded field. Team names should NOT have the words “Jerks” and/or “Snatches” in it UNLESS you can use those dead-horse cliches in an original way (unlikely). “The Friendless Losers” designation for the unaffiliated will remain.



  1. Scott Stalls and I are looking for 2 women for our team. Hit us up

  2. Please put me on the friendless loser pool list for now. Bahaha, I just want to have a good time that day.

  3. Alright…so…APPARENTLY I’m friendless…thanks Addy. Anywho! I will judge if nobody wants me. šŸ˜€ I don’t need another last chubby kid on the dodgeball game situation aka Valentine’s day. Later players!!

    • Scott and I would live to have you on our team! We all want to have a good time

      • I’d love to.

    • Whoa!! How did I make you a friendless loser ?!?! I thought I was your friend but apparently friends only means teammates for Crossfit golf and if you aren’t on their team you might as well call them a loser and egg their house.

  4. I can’t wait! !!!!!! Ps. If anyone needs a midget ninja on their team… I’m available for hire. I’d not, im totally cool with being a friendless loser. LMAO

    • I’ll partner with you if you don’t mind teaming with a senior citizen!!!

      • Bob, totally on it. We’re gonna need a name.

      • p.s. you got any tye dye shirts?? haha

    • All in on the Tye Dye shirts!!!!

      • Talked to Zoe this morning and we decided to be a team…hope that’s OK with you Bob. šŸ™‚ I will try to convince Alonzo to wear a tye dyed shirt…lol. Now we need a name?!?!

  5. I am excited, Alonzo is going to join me! We are looking for another male and female to make a team.

  6. I believe I’m with Scott Larry ad lia if that’s ok with them!


    • Sounds good to me!

  7. Kate, Dave, Kristen and Ryan Fox are a team!

  8. Hey! What time is the event? I just realized it’s the same weekend as my scuba certification. . OH NO! !! but it’s here in town, maybe I can work it out. If not, damn.

  9. I’m 97% sure I can do CF golf this year. And I am a friendless loser, so if anyone needs me let me know!

    • Susan/Larry: I have a complete team consisting of Larry, Scott, Jaclyn and Lia. It looks as if Zoe is out (not 100% sure) leaving Bob, Shelby and Alonzo in need of a female. Or you can stay in the open pool.

  10. I would like to be put on the “friendless losers” pool please.

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