Strength Bias Close. Test out M-T-W WOD Choices

June 23, 2014

OK.  Twelve weeks of work all lead to this.  1 rep max test out.  Bring your camera phones and get your PR’s on video.

The first 30 minutes of each session on M-T and W  we’ll devote to getting the highest 1 rep max we safely can.  Below are some suggestions but you are always free to modify or ignore any or all of them if, for some reason, you have a way that you like better.

One important note:  I really try to keep the testing process uniform, strict and honest, and we maintain a tough range of motion standard.   I’m your judge.  Make sure I’m watching your attempt.   I often arch an eyebrow at what passes for a valid rep at other facilities, and I really want to make sure no other instructors are arching their eyebrows at YOU, so be advised that what’s written below will be enforced across the board.


Squat Movements-  Athlete unracks the bar, descends to where the crease of the hip is BELOW the top of the knee, ascends back to full knee and hip extension (vertical).  Self test:  Drop to the bottom of your air squat.  Put your hand on your own knee. Move your hand in a line parallel to the floor towards your midline.  You should hit yourself in the extremity of you lower abdomen, clearly above your hip.   Targets ARE permitted.

Shoulder Press- Athlete takes the bar from neck at the collar bones or lower, and presses to full extension of the elbow and shoulder.  Bar must be directly over the heels; arms, spine and leg in an unbroken vertical line beneath the bar.  No knee bend at all is permitted.  Ankle extension and hip angle change ARE permitted. Bar bouncing is NOT permitted.  

Deadlift-  Sumo or Standard.  Athlete breaks the bar’s inertia and maintains a continuous rise (no hitching, no stacking on the legs) untill full extension of the knee and the hip (shoulder behind the bar) are achieved.  Bar must be lowered to the ground in the athlete’s hands.  IE- No drop from the top.  This is DIFFERENT than in years past.

Bench press-  Spotter can lift off for the athlete but after releasing the bar to the athlete’s fully extended arms, the spotter cannot touch the bar again prior to returning to full extension. Athlete must lower the bar, contact the chest/torso and return to full extension.  Hips cannot leave the bench.  Be advised!  Some of you do this….  

Pullup-  Athlete must start at full extension of the elbow.  First movement MUST be elbow flexion. Thereafter,  any combination of movements is acceptable.  Athlete must have the chin ABOVE not equal to the hands.  DO not swing or throw the knees ahead of breaking extension at the elbow.



Pyramid Warmup   Light for 10, medium for 5, heavy for 2 or 3 and then go.  

Get your favorite bar, bench, rack etc.  

Rest 3 minutes between attempts.  Longer if you had an extended and fatiguing rep.

150/100 mg of caffeine.  5/4 g Creatine if you already take it is just about right for most athletes.  You want to be alert but not jittery.

Good pairings include 1)Squat and Bench or Shoulder Press or Pullup.  2)Deadlift and Bench or Shoulder Press.

Poor pairings would be 1) Bench and Shoulder Press.  2)Deadlift and Squat


Metcons-  Your choice of any of the below.  Hopefully it’s obvious to you that you shouldnt do a shoulder taxing Metcon the day BEFORE you test out on the Shoulder press.

ANNIE-  (AKA the Only Easy Named Workout) 50-40-30-20-10  Double Unders/Situps for time.

CFG 4 Prep- 400 M run with a medball, 5 Bear Crawl Laps, 20 wallballs @ 20lbs/14lbs  to 11’/10′ for time.

1000-100-10- 1k row, 100 S20 @ 95/65, 10 deadlifts @ 315/225

Amrap in 10- 10 Airdyne Calories, 10 Burpees

EMOM x 10- 1 rope climb, 4 front squats @ 185/125 or Bodyweight (whichever is greater).  Score is total reps against a possible 50.




  1. Max front squat 290. Started at 265 beginning of the cycle.
    Pull up. 285 started 271 beginning of cycle.

  2. Max front squat 240. Started at 205.
    WOD-AD and burpees. 7 finished rounds in 10 min.

  3. FS: 150 – up from 130
    SP: 80 – didn’t have a 1 rep max due to shoulder problems. First time I did any kind of shoulder press work was on 5/21 at 60×5

  4. Back squat 175. Up from 155. Tried 185. Didn’t have time to try 180.

    Bench 115. Up from 95.

  5. Back squat 260. Up from 235.
    Shoulder press 120. Up from 110.
    Row, press, deadliift – 11:13
    CF golf WOD: 7:02

    • Clean max 190 up from 180.
      Bench max 140 up from 125.

  6. FS 220lbs up 20lbs…. PU BW plus 63lbs…. Up 13lbs

  7. BS max 215, not a PR but I’m happy that I’m at my old 1 rm (1.5-2 yrs. Ago).
    Shoulder press max 100.

    These are my old 1rm. I only completed 6-7 weeks of the strength cycle. Kinda makes me wonder how I would do with another 5-6 weeks of strength work.

  8. BP: 245 up from 225
    DL: 355 up from 275 – very happy with this one
    Work: 10 Airdyne cal/10 Burpees = 6 rounds/120 (had to stop at 8 minutes, went over time)

  9. BS: 360 up from 325 I think I had a few more lbs, maybe 10-15, but I had the headaches in the back of my mind so I didnt want to push too much harder.

    SP: 210 up from 201. Missed 215 a few times just because I couldn’t keep my feet from shuffling, but I had the weight…

    • And AD/burpee WOD 120 reps it was a doozy.

  10. Pullups – BW (213) + 95 = 308 Up 13lbs
    Shoulder Press = 165 up from 150
    No metcon as I was already running way over.

  11. Max back squat was 215, up from 175
    Pull ups went from body weight at 127 to, 129+30

  12. Pull ups-Body Weight + 145 up from +118 so 320 up from 292
    Shoulder Press 160 up from 145
    Double Unders/Sit Ups 7:55

    • this makes me feel great! haha i did annie in 7:57 last week! we should go head to head some time! ..

      • Greg, you should just start weighing the women and have one of them piggy back while you do your pullups!

  13. Bench Press 285 I have no idea where my original scores are?
    Dead Lift 450

  14. Back squat: 255
    Shoulder press: 185

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