Day TWO test out week. Record your scores here. ALSO be advised, ANOTHER event: 4th of July Beach WOD

June 24, 2014

The fourth of July falls on a friday this year.  Lets celebrate the birth of the greatest nation the world has ever known by doing crazy looking fitness games on the beach.    8:30 am lets meet at CFCB and condense cars and rendezvous at beach access 100 (our old location) at 9am.  That will ease parking but allow for the day to warm up some.   We will divide into teams and throw some wods together on the fly.  Beverages are on you, but plenty of Carnage, Mayhem and Whoop-ass will be provided.  Count on our old favorites the medball relay, over-unders with the parallettes and run/swim to the buoy and back (its like a normal CrossFit workout,  But with sand, salt water, riptides, blazing heat etc)


Please rsvp below.  This one is free.  Stay after we’re over (approx 90 minutes) and enjoy the CB wildlife….



  1. Yep I’m there

  2. Close grip bench: shoulder injury to painful to bench. Last recorded PR 275×3 on 6/13/14
    Shoulder Press: 195 started at 185. Last PR 10/13 @200. I was hoping to get over 200.
    WOD: 400 run with ball/bear crawl/wall balls 8:20

  3. Deadlift 215, previous was 195

    Shoulder press 92, previous was 80 (I think I might be able to get 95)

    AD/burpees – 107

    • Pullups bw+20lbs, started at bw+5 (AND 3 pounds lighter). Its all muscle, right???

      Annie 11:53 rx – and PR (still suck at double unders)
      CF golf wod 8:33

  4. pull ups: +27.5 up from +20
    bp: 105 up from 100

    Annie: 6:26 rx and PR – all dus unbroken

  5. SP: 150 started at 125
    WOD: 400M Run with 20lb ball/bear crawl/wall balls = 7:15

  6. Bench press 140# PR 1 rm
    Pull ups body weight +20 1 rm also PR
    Annie 7:something probably maybe 8:something. Probably not a PR – felt slow oh, and people kept resetting the clock , all but 2 double unders unbroken :/

    • OHH ZING! Sorry about the clock Lia. You were definitely on your way to an ANNIE pr.

      • Brock Above.

      • Heehee. I doubt that today.

  7. Brock–SP x 3 @ 170. Pullup @ 265 (bw +75) x 3 10 minute amarap 10 AD calories/10 burpees =171

  8. Dead lift (standard) 375 PR started cycle at 345
    WOD: 10:50 double under/sit upd

  9. I’m in for Friday morning at the beach

  10. All my numbers:
    1RM BS: 195 Test out: 265
    1RM SP: 135 Test out: 145
    1RM DL: 285 Test out: 325!
    1RM BP: 175 Test out: 175
    1RM PU: 1 @BW Test out: BW+15lbs.
    Thanks Brock!

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