Record results from Wednesday test out day here: Also- Note the events

June 25, 2014

4th of July-  Celebrate America the way our forefathers in the Revolutionary War against Russia did:  By storming Carolina Beach with fitness guns a’blazin’!   Wilmingtonians meet at the gym at 830 and we’ll pack the gear and condense cars and meet our CB dwelling friends at Beach Access 100 — just off of Pavilion Place at 9am.  Just follow the smell of funnel cake and merit Ultra Lites.   9 to 10:30 am, then back to CFCB.  

July 19th-  teams of 4 throw down in at CFG IV.  Not to be missed.  The social event of the season.  Prices soon to follow.

Teams are:

Dawn, Wendy, Marcos, Rick

Scott Stalls, Larry, Lia, Jaclyn

Shelby, Alonzo (bf), Bob and Zoe

Jade, Adelynn, Spouse and Spouse (Zach and Stephen)

Greg, Amber (GF), Clark and Andrea

Judging- Whitney and Jamie Keith


If you are planning to take part,  please let me know in the comments section below this post.  We need to establish a firm headcount before we open the doors to our friends in the community but outside the membership.   Wallflowers, new members and Singletons, fear not.  Imma hook you up, but I need to know of your interest.  




  1. Deadlift 300 (even though that is nothing to brag about thats my P.R.)

    • Greg, that’s come a long way. Glad that leg/hip thing is in the past.

  2. Dead Lift (standard) 375 PR. Starting cycle at 345.
    Double under sit up WOD: 10:50

  3. I’m in for CF golf – but don’t have a team. Guess I need a hook up!

    • Scott and I need 2 crossfit women. Let us know if your interested

      • I thought you had a complete team already – according to the list above….if that is incorrect, I am in. I don’t want to kick anyone off a team 🙂

      • I didn’t know if she us responding to b rocks comments or mine and she hasn’t said anything since then.

      • Deadlift 270 PR, (250# 2 yrs ago when I was a young whippersnapper) heehee
        1000 row, 100 S2O 65#, 10 DL 225#- 17:49
        Slow, but I did it.

        I LOVE to PR- when can we start the strength cycle again? Tomorrow?

      • I thought Jaclyn and I were on your team? If that’s not what you want, I will go back into the friendless loser pool.

        Otherwise- LET’S GET IT!

      • Ok, I never heard back so this sums it up:-)
        Here is my info 910-620-6059. What time will you work out tomorrow?

      • I’m don’t know if the first message went through so I’m resending this again.
        Thanks for replying. I never heard back and I honestly didn’t know if you were replying to me or Brock. Yes you and Jaclyn are for sure on the team. What time are you working out tomorrow?

    • Larry- You Scott, Lia and Jaclyn are a team. Susan, you can play the field or, if Zoe is 100% out you can jump onto Shelby, Bob and Alonzo (Shelby’s +1)–brock

      • Larry, I almost always workout at ten 5:00 pm class. Depending on my work schedule tomorrow I may just workout Friday 5:00 and sat at 10:00. If I can make it tomorrow it will be at 5:00.

      • Ok. I’ll check with Zoe and go from there!

    • I am in for Golf in anyone needs an extra.

  4. Back squat – 125 in, 140 out. Tied past PR
    SP- 67/71. PR-72
    Pull-up- +1 band/+20lb vest. PR, psyched about this one
    Bench press- 85/95 PR
    Deadlift – didn’t test in but was unable to pick up 155 lbs at the start. 200 out. PR is 230

  5. Deadlift: 225 up from 215

    The only PR I got all week was for Annie

  6. Clean 195lb ties pr from last week… Tested in at 175lb…..Annie 10:15 singles

  7. Andrea
    I don’t post much and this strength cycle was interrupted by mediocre attendance, but here’s how it went for me:
    Shoulder press: in – 90; out – 95. However, did a couple sets of three at (100) in early June. Not sure why that didn’t stick
    Pull Up: in – 157.5 (BW+7.5); out – 165 (BW+15). I am stronger at “chin ups”, but went for traditional pull-up position to get better. I did not test to failure, so I may have been able to get a bit more
    Bench Press: in – 105; out – 115. Not huge gains but progress
    Deadlift: in – 235; out – 265. This was not pretty, but i got it and definitely feel like my technique improved overall
    Back Squat: in – 175; out – (not tested yet)

    Highlight: 3 rounds of Nancy at 7:54, Shoulder press sets @ 100lbs, Freddy’s Revenge completed Rx

  8. Brock if anyone needs an extra I am in for Golf

  9. I spoke to my team mates, I won’t be able to participate. .. I will accept any and all dirty looks with stoic grace. Shun me if you must

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