Open Gym is 10-12 Saturday and Sunday

June 28, 2014

Come in, test out, make up what you missed.  Try the new 30 degree treadmill.



  1. BS- in-130 out 145 +15
    SP- in 65 out 70 +5
    PU- in 127 out 136.5 +9.5
    DL- in 195 out 210 +15
    BP- in 85 out 92 +7

  2. Worked on overhead squat today which I normally hate & have never done well at. Today shows that practice really helps. I’ve always done the 18lb bar. Today got up to 50lb!! Tried 55 3x & didn’t get it.

    • Michelle, I noticed and meant to commend you. Not sure if that stretch helped but regardless of where it came from, great improvement !–brock

  3. Shoulder press 172×1, 165×2, 155×3, 160×3. Last week I got 170×3 but on video review caught myself twitching at the knee. With appropriate total lockout my SP numbers have gone down. Pullups 270 (bw+80)x3, 260×3, 265x3x2. I *should* be able to go BW+100 based on these numbers.

    Then 1k row, 100 S20 @ 95, 10 deads at 315–11:53. Adelynn went 11:13 so 40 seconds slower. Goals was to beat Adelynn. Not this time….. Hours later, triceps/shoulder still smashed. Recovery protocols got dialed to 11.–Brock

  4. 5 RFT of a modified workout that Ade found…
    Run 400m
    20 back squat at 80lbs

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