Sign up HERE for the 4th of July Team Games on the Beach

June 30, 2014

Athletes,  any and all CFCB members are invited to our (sort of) annual 4th of July Beach workout, BUT,  dont just show up.  Please do me a big favor and let  me know if you’re attending in the comments section.  

If you’re not sure, or waiting for a better offer withhold comments until you know.  

There will be some swimming/water interaction.  Typically not very deep at all, chest high.  But definitely dress to get wet.


Wilmington residents please meet at the gym at 830 where we will condense cars and carry equipment.  CB people you can meet us at beach access 100 at 9am.  Plan on wrapping up at 10:30 or 11 am at the latest.  Food and drinks are as you see fit.  I will be bringing a decent sized cooler of bottled waters.



  1. I will be there!

  2. Amber and I will be there.

    • Gigi and I are coming

  3. Yes for this one. 100% yes. Or I’ll sell you my soul.

    • Sounds good. Both your participation and/or your soul have appeal.

  4. Unless something comes up with work, I’ll be there. I’ll bring my truck too, so we can haul whatever is needed.

  5. I will be there!!

  6. I’ll be there.

  7. I’m in

  8. I’m in for the 4th will meet you there thanks for organizing it!

  9. Yes, I will be there, really enjoyed it last year!

  10. I’ll be there!

  11. I plan to be there!

  12. Do I throw the numbers off if I participate? Surf’s up tomorrow, so Clark will take the kids on Friday morning. No biggie if it doesn’t work out.
    ~ Andrea

  13. I’m in.

  14. Count me in. SCOTT SHAPIRO

    • Yeah, Scott!!
      ~ andrea

  15. In

  16. Coming

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