WOD for Tuesday 7-1-14 + 3 Minute Snatch video

July 1, 2014


Snatch Drills– Power Snatch From the High Hang. Full Snatch from the High Hang.

Work-  Modified CF Games Open  11.1/14.1  Amrap in 10-  15 Hang Snatches 75/50 (Power or full), 30 Double Unders


Hang Power Snatch Video Here (3.5 minutes).  Audio is bad but note the speed and position.  



  1. 14.1=195 at 75lbs & DU’s
    This was way off of my previous best of 265 during the open. Double unders were brutal today.

    • From floor

  2. I stayed away from posting scores for a while, because I was afraid it would make me competitive to the point that I pushed myself too hard. I am now convinced thoroughly that my competitive days are gone for a while.

    Today’s wod I did single arm dumbbell snatches @25 lbs and double unders.

    209 reps

  3. WOD: 147 75/SU

    Tried to work on form over speed today. I now dislike snatches significantly less…

    • Geoff, that is exactly my goal with these developmental periods. That is a successful day.

    • Your snatches looked great during the workout, Geoff. I noticed while I was standing still, holding my jump rope, trying to gasp for air.

  4. 161 at 55lbs from the hang and doubles. Almost think I would have done better from the floor.

  5. Work: 118 from hang @50lb & doubles

  6. Wish I was there. On vacation

  7. Pathetic showing on my part today…

    137 reps at 50lbs from the hang. DUs

  8. 195 at 50 lbs from the hang. Doubles.

  9. 145 reps HS 65 / du ‘s (du’s need a lot of practice)

  10. 14.1 with hanging snatch at 55# + during
    3 full rounds + 3

    Oh, and progenex recovery mocha is the shit!!!! Omg! It’s like dessert.

    • Dude, how AWESOME is the mocha?!?! Only one Ive ever been able to mix with just water and enjoy.

  11. 100 pts. 1st with 50, 2nd with 40 at hang and singles

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