Please record your 10 min max effort or KB mile run here. 7-9-14

July 9, 2014

Please specify what you did (Airdyne, Row, Run etc) and how you scored it (calories, meteres, reps etc).



  1. Airdyne 172 calories

  2. in lieu of max effort 10 mins I went for a 2k row pr of 7:15. I only shaved 6 seconds from my previous of 7:21 but it was a grueling experience.

  3. Row- 114 calories

  4. Air dyne – 101 calories. PR by a large margin. Did it interval style rather than holding a steady pace

  5. I ran with that stupid kb and now have interesting bruises on my thighs. 13:06. Haven’t done this before, so nothing to compare to.

    • used 16k kettlebell

      • It was comical how many men at 7am chose the KB run after Brock said you were the only one tough enough to attempt it at 6.

      • Ha – that is funny Kate. I wish someone had done it with me – I needed motivation to go faster. It was brutal.

  6. I did the mile run with KB time 11:46 RX

  7. 121 AD

  8. DU: 276 – 1st rope kept getting a kink in the middle so I switched out midway – not my best today

  9. I went to “core power hour” yoga in an attempt to ameliorate the quad soreness from my ohs. Fail. Now I still sound like a grumpy old man when I attempt to stand AND my abs hurt.

  10. KB mile 15:23 (never put the kb down but I did a lot of walking)

  11. KB run – 10 mins even

  12. 14:25 with the 12kg KB. I walked ALOT!

  13. KB run =12:20

  14. Airdyne 169

    • Todd

    • Todd

  15. Row 104 then barely there pull ups with big purple and 2 little reds

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