Please record your times for the Row-Burpee-KBS-Burpee-Row here. ALSO- CFG 4 Greens fees, and Judges still needed.

July 10, 2014

CFG participants, please try to get your greens fees paid by Sunday. 20/Per athlete.

Please note any scales. Clean and Jerk is not scored but you are welcome to note your progress.

I am having inexplicable problems commenting myself, but hope to figure that all out soon. Thank you for commenting! Your words make CFCB funner. Especially words like “ameliorate”. Nice one, Michaela!



  1. 5:48 rx’d. I put the KB down at 21. Will try to go unbroken next time. Harder than it sounded

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with this workout. How can a short wod like this induce so much pain. It took me 20+ mins to recover.

    Today 3:46rx
    Previous times
    Dec 2013-4:15rx
    Jan 2014-3:56rx

  3. 4:28 RX
    previous 5:21 RX

    I don’t know what was worse. Legs hurting or about to throw up!!!! Afterwards.

  4. WOD in 6:05 rx

  5. 5:24 pr
    jan = 6:17
    dec = 6:04

    jerk @ 95lbs with super close grip and with no pain – huge progress!

  6. 4:50, shoulda done KBS unbroken, next time.

  7. my first time with this particular vomit inspiring workout.6:46. that was not pretty. you’re welcome, brock. I throw in the pretty words to balance out the stream of curse words that i’m usually spewing.

  8. Wod 5:14

  9. 4:46

    It was hard and I did a great push, especially with how shitty I have been doing. Felt like I had just done Fran after though… I was coughing up a storm.

  10. 5:24rx. Next time I hope to take fewer breaks on KB

  11. 4:24 rx.

  12. 4:04 – Didn’t record last run at it. Was really happy with this time and I am pretty sure it was better than last because I went unbroken on everything.

    Split Jerk – worked up to 185.
    Cleans – just played around at 135.

  13. 4:54 rx
    Holy lungs. I am still coughing 2+ hours later

  14. Clean and jerk practice

    WOD 5:29 rx

  15. Andrea – 5:05 rx

  16. 8:04- 12 kb, wear appropriate burpee clothes
    split jerk got 70# a few times, cleans are a mess-worked on tech from knee

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