CrossFit Golf details. Some events announced tomorrow

July 16, 2014

We are 3 days away. 7 teams are set. (We have two teams of two, meaning that we can take a possible 4 more people if there are procrastinators and/or last minute schedule changers) Fees are paid. The roar of the crowd. The smell of napalm in the morning. Come back WITH your shield or ON it.

The only thing that can stop us now is the rain. By it’s very nature, CrossFit Golf leaves a trail of destruction behind it that any earthquake or tornado would be proud to call it’s own. If the course is wet, that damage goes up exponentially. As of Wednesday morning the call for rain on sat is only 20%, but I will keep you posted.

Recall the event kicks off promptly at 4pm. I’d advise a 330 arrival, giving you time to coordinate with teammates, warm-up your legs, and scratch a last will and testament on the back of your scorecard.

Count on 2 hours of bloodthirsty, flesh rending competition and an hour of triage and first aid (food and drinks).

Uniforms and creative team names MAY be factored into your score. “Team Beast Mode” gets you an automatic last place, regardless of fitness level.

Do not wear golf shoes, olympic lifting shoes or cleats. Regular athletic shoes, running shoes, sneaker (trainers to my europeans) etc.

Our venue is
591 South Shore Drive
Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 28461
(910) 845-2625

Map and directions are HERE!



  1. Ryan Perkins and I need two girls if there are any that are willing and able to join us!

  2. Anyone want to meet up and ride over from CFCB to the event?

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