WOD for Friday 7-18-14 CFG events announced (some of them)

July 18, 2014

CFG IV Events- These are not in order, and we’re not sure of which hole they will appear, but count on seeing the following:

1)Sprint Relay With a Med Ball (every athlete runs 1x)

2)Team Golf Cart Push (1 driving, 2 pushing, 1 alongside, switch any time)

3)Med Ball Pass- Round robin advance the medball by throwing or rolling. Athlete A then B then C Then D then A etc

4) Team Bear Crawl- Format TBD

5) Sprint Medley- Forward Roll, Backwards Run, Crab Walk and Sprint distance and order TBD.

“Carry your fatty” may return. Wheelbarrow may return.

WOD for Friday-

Rope review 10 minutes.

Clean and Jerk Practice/review. 15 Minutes

WORK: emom for a POSSIBLE 15 minutes
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Puch Jerks
all at 185/105

You must complete all 9 reps to count the minute. Score is highest completed rounds.



  1. 11 rounds scaled at 135. Should of gone heavier.

  2. 8 rds at 165

  3. 14 at 85. Yeah, I guess I should have gone heavier. I can just see Brock shaking his head at me for not listening to instructions.

  4. 10 a 80. Overhead was tough

  5. Wow! Hard but fun WOD. 7 rounds @185 RX

  6. 8 rounds rx

  7. Today was a completely messed up, not working in my favor type of day.

    started @ 85 lbs and on #3 push jerk got a sharp pain in my shoulder and missed both completing the action and the time cut off.

    switched to 4 reps of power cleans and front squats at 95 lbs – made it through 2 and 1/2 rounds before the shoulder pain prevented me from doing another clean

    finally switched to doing 3 pull ups, 6 sit ups and 9 deadlifts at 95 lbs – got 6 rounds

    stupid shoulder…

  8. 8 rounds @ 135lbs (subbed c2b pull-ups for s2o)

  9. 8 rounds @ 115#

  10. I did exactly what Brock said not to do. Scaled my weight too much.

    15 rounds at 95#

  11. 7 @ 50 fs were the hardest

  12. 9 rounds @135

    I liked this one …will go up in weight next time

  13. 13 rounds at 115 lbs

    • Aaaaahhhh. My hero…..

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