CFG 4 Events announced

July 19, 2014

ATHLETES- Arrive at 330. Carnage starts at 4pm. Therefore, leave at 3.

Event 1- SPRINT & SUFFER: 330 yards Med Ball Relay. Run with the med ball. One at a time. To the flag and back

Event 2- CRAWL FOR GLORY: 180 Yards. Bear Crawl. Hands and feet. All teammates at once. Last teammate to the finish stops the clock.

Event 3- SPRINT MEDLEY: 1 Athlete per action. Forward Roll, Crab Walk, Backwards Run, Sprint.

Event 4- THROW LIKE YOU GOT A PAIR: 380 Yards. Med Ball Throw. Round Robin. Teammates must advance the ball by throwing. Teams must JUMP the ditches, not use the land bridge. Ball past the finish stops the clock.

Event 5- Mystery Event.

Event 6- PLEASE DONT EAT THE DIRT: 180 Yards. Wheelbarrow race. Just like summer camp.

Event 7- GENTLEMEN dont START YOUR ENGINES: 418 Yards. Push the golf cart. 2 teammates in, 2 teammates out. Switch anytime.

Event 8- HORSESHOES AND HANDGRENADES 340 yards. Med Ball airborne pass for distance. Round Robin format. Two attempts by each teammate to advance the ball by throwing it down the course to their awaiting teammate. Ball must be successfully caught in the air to add the distance to your total.

Event 9- CARRY YOUR FATTY. 425 Yards Max distance. 1 Attempt only per person. Heaviest Team Member is carried by the remaining three.

BEER AND BURGERS FOR ALL AT THE CLUBHOUSE. Regale your friends with tales of might and bravery.



  1. Sorry I won’t be there to help judge this year’s CF golf. Hope everyone has a great time!!!

  2. This is gonna be sick.

    • I just want to know how much the rest of my teammates weigh

  3. this looks amazing! have a great time!

  4. 195 this morning

    • I got that. It’s only 425 yards, lol

  5. Had a blast “golfing” CF style! Thanks again Brock.

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