WOD for Monday 7-21-14

July 21, 2014

Skill- Handstand holds. Facing the wall. Watch the video HERE. Its 4 minutes long. It has Camille Leblanc-Bazehsomething in it. She has a cute accent.

WORK- FRAN: 21-15-9 Thrusters @ 95/65, Pullups



  1. Fran
    95# purple band 15:48

  2. Fran PR!! 3:47rx
    Previous best was 4:16rx

    • Well done!

    • Excellent Work, Kapusta!

  3. 4:23 RX & PR last preformed 2 plus years ago in the mid to high 6’s

  4. Fran – 5:07

  5. 9:10 @+2 Last time was years ago at 11 something

  6. My phone is out of service at the moment–I believe last time I did this- not sure of the date- was 8:03 or 8:33 & I believe I did it at 50lb & +2 band assistance.

    Today was 7:11 @ 50lb & +2 band

  7. Fran – 9:05 rx. The first time I did this in Jan 2013 took me 15+ mins with 45lb bar. I think my PR was 8:21 but I can’t find a recorded score to verify. Limiting factor today was the lungs… just couldn’t seem to get my breath.

  8. Fran in 6:42
    Scaled to 65# Thrusters / +3 PU

  9. Fran: 8:34 rx’d and PR
    I haven’t done Fran in over a year and last time was 10:31, PR was 2 years ago at 8:51. Pull ups were decent today, thrusters were not.

  10. Fran 10:55
    scaled to 50# thrusters/gray band

    Last time was 9:05 in December at 55# and 4 asst. Scaled more today after this being my 3rd day back from a 6 month break. Also, subbed PP in the middle of 15 because my knee felt like it was going to pop out of my skin if I did one more squat. Just happy to be back!

  11. Fran 3:50 Rx. That’s a PR. Previous best was 4:01.

  12. Fran “light” 5:17 did front squats instead of thrusters

  13. 6:10 RX Last time in December 7:10. I was really really sore in my hips, hammys, and shoulders today, but I still cant imagine how I ever got a 4:49 before for my PR. I hope to get 5:30 next time, I could definitely shave 10 seconds here and there.

  14. FRAN 6:26 Rx

  15. Fran 6:11 rxd. First time doing it rx.

    • That’s strong work! Your pullups must’ve come a long way!

  16. 7:47 rxd

    Definite pr. Last did in June 2012 at 8:56 with +2 on pullups

  17. Andrea
    Fran 7:14 Rx

    This was the first time I attempted and/or completed this workout Rx. Flippin’ pull ups got me again, complete with about 8 “no reps”. Progress is progress, though!

  18. 14:28 @ 50 big purple and two little reds, pull ups were lacking
    long way to go on wall walkups

  19. Fran 11:10, 80 lbs. 3 purples. Getting better at the wall!

  20. Fran 5:38 Rx

  21. Fran 5:20

  22. Did Fran at open gym. Clock ended at 10 min….believe it probably took me about 12 min total. Pull-ups were bad…+2 bands.

  23. 11:21 Rx

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