WOD for 7-22-14 and some notes re: FRAN

July 22, 2014

First off, thanks to the many of you who’ve been posting your scores. Everything is just a little more fun when there’s a decent thread regarding the workout.

On that note, congrats to everyone who took on FRAN, a uniquely uncomfortable couplet. We will be repeating wods on 4 week cycles so you will see this workout 2 more times in the near future. Both times, we will be splitting the group and giving every athlete a judge/sep counter. While today had some great efforts in it, there was plenty of shorting range of motion, skipping reps, and a general lack of precision and finish, particularly in the latter rounds as people fatigue.

“Damn Brock, why you gotta be such a dick?” I hear you thinking “Fran is hard and painful. So what if I didnt get chin above the bar, or push my hear through my elbows, or hit parallel on my thrusters. I’m just happy I finished” or “I dont care what my time was, I still got a good workout.”

First of all, get away from the notion that “happy just to finish” is remotely acceptable. Anyone can finish eventually. Even that kid with no arms and no legs that was the Abercrombie and Fitch model can finish if the clock goes to infinity. Fran is not hard in a 2 hour time frame. Second, “I don’t care what my time was” equates to “I dont care if I’m fit or even moving in the right direction” which is not at all why we’re here.

Insofar as why we’re being so strict on FRAN: when you get 2:50 with short range of motion and someone else bursts blood vessels in their forearms and has pink elephant hallucinations in the round of 15, and they ARE doing everything by the book, and they score 2:52, that is very disheartening. I’ve always maintained that the phrase “You’re only hurting yourself” when you cheat is a total lie. And while nothing I saw today rises to the level of conscious cheating, next time we’ll give you all a judge just to take the ambiguity out of it.

If you think I’m talking about YOU, you’re probably right, but rest assured you are not alone! This took place across the board, in every class. And I understand that while it’s human nature to say internally “Whatev’s that was pretty close, So what if my head wasnt through my elbows, I’m still practically killing myself.” we are on a different plane of enlightenment when it comes to self sacrifice. “Pretty Close” shouldnt be good enough for any of you.

So, note your time, weight and possible band assistance, and come up with a plan for next month’s FRAN. If you had trouble reaching the necessary range, but “gave yourself” a rep here and there, you probably want to scale more in future attempts.

WOD for Tuesday
Skill- 10 Minutes- Snatch drills
Strength- 3 attempts in a 10 minute window to get your heaviest unbroken set of 20 reps of Close Grip Bench.
Work- Teams of 2. For time
50- Overhead Squats 95/65
400 Meter KB Carry 53/35
30 Burpee Over The Box Jumps 24/20
20 Tire FLips Jill/Thera
100 Calories Row or Airdyne (one or the other)

Details provided on site.



  1. That was Friggin Awesome

  2. Sounds like FUN

  3. I think Brock is still in CF golf programming mode.

    • Wow.

  4. Well now I’m just plain intimidated and may never come back. But let’s just say I can get my ass to the gym tomorrow. Can I make up FRAN without a judge?

  5. Bench Press heaviest set 145 x 20
    Partner workout with Ryan- 16:58 Rx. Ryan took up my slack and did most of the work on this one.

  6. Bench – 55. Got 16 at 60, should have tried that first.
    Partner w Christy- 16:10 with scaled dumbbell loads

  7. Bench – 65
    Partner with Wendy – 15:15 rxd

  8. Fun WOD today. Partner was a guest from Cleveland Ohio today. She did a great job.
    No bench today felt sharp pain in my rotator cup area. 16:22 for time today. Partner scaled OHS to Front squats, Hang snatch to cleans @60

  9. CGBP 155X’s20 then 13 @160…should’ve gone 165 first attempt because the 155 was easy, but I just burned out on the second attempt.

    WOD, partnered up with Dawn 18:02 RX. (Dawn insists we did extra flips) It got a little confusing there for me with multiple groups flipping I got a little heated ;o)

  10. BP: 65lbs – got 13 @ 75 after – should have started higher than 65
    partner with Michaela @ 50lbs – 17:40 ending with tire flips since there was a big back up

  11. BP: 145 x 20
    WOD: Partnered with Kim 16:11

    In what other gym do you get to play with Tonka truck tires …

  12. 90 lbs bench x 20. WOD with Andrea – 10:42

  13. 125 bench

    Great show by Shelby today. Thanks for partnering up and kicking ass. 17 something.

  14. 65lb bench. thanks to jacqui–she is crazy good at the row and picked up my slack more than once.

  15. Bench 20 @ 65
    WOD with Susan 15:11 RX, felt like we did great on everything but lost some time on the tire.

  16. Andrea
    75 lbs bench x 20
    By playing card chance, I got to wod with Adelynn. 10:42

  17. I did bench at 60×20, 65×20 and 67×20. Apparently I should have started heavier.
    I also did backsquat at 95×8, 115×8, 125×8 and 135×8.
    Didn’t do the partner WOD.

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