WOD for Thursday 7-24-14

July 24, 2014

Technique- In 15 minutes, work to a heavy rep of this cycle:
Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Push Jerk. For load. This is a scored period.

Work- AMRAP in 10 minutes 3,6,9,12 etc to infinity of:
Over the Bar Burpees
Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/80

Just to make it a little different: No drops above the hang.



  1. We’ve done this before??

  2. Heaviest set 165
    AMRAP WOD 101 reps rx

  3. 95lbs
    83 reps at 65lbs

  4. Heaviest rep: 205
    WOD: 108

    • RX

  5. Heaviest set 110 lbs

    77 reps at RX weight of 80

  6. 175
    113 reps

  7. Heaviest rep 125
    WOD 86 reps Rx

    I feel as though I have reached a new level, I didn’t even say one negative word about burpees today! Lol

  8. AMRAP WED 109 Rx
    Heaviest rep 165

  9. PC/HSC 175lbs (no s2o)…..wod 94 reps (hang cleans 115lbs in lieu of S2o)

  10. heaviest set: 95lbs
    work: 66 rx’d

    just happy right now that I can even go s2o

  11. Heaviest set was 110

    Did 75 reps at 70

    • And I no reped myself but only once. I basically trudged though the last 3.5 minutes. I felt like a ton of bricks.

  12. Heaviest 90. Hang cleans are a problem. I can clean way more off the floor 😦

    Wod 101 rxd

    • Fantastic score on the WOD lady!!!

      • I was trying to keep up with Andrea!

  13. Andrea
    Heaviest set: 125
    WOD: 113 Rx

    Curious to know if 10 min time cap is typical for a workout like this?

  14. Did a few with 55
    Score 61 with 50

  15. 61 @70 lbs.

  16. WOD: 90 w/85lbs.

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