Max Effort Airdyne Repeats, also know as “The best day of the Month!” 7-31-14

July 31, 2014

Last Performed on 7-3-14, so please check your scores from that date (and while you’re at it, best check yourself b4u wreck ur self!)

2 Minutes max effort AD for calories.
rest 4
Score is total calories.

In the time remaining- Split Jerk: Work to a heavy single.



  1. Bike 208. Last time 203
    185 split jerk

  2. 152. Missed the last time we did this one. Split jerk- 115. Form was sloppy, probably too tired, so I stopped there.

  3. 133 calories. Unimpressive score but my lungs are still burning. Too wobbly for split jerk, stopped at 90lbs

  4. Bike 114
    Split jerk 125

  5. bike 134
    split jerk 65

  6. WOD: 204 (203 last time). I’ll take the 1 cal improvement. Don’t judge me.

  7. 227 total calories as follows 51, 43, 42, 44, 47. No split jerk. an hour and a half later I did 5×5 push jerks (not split) e3mom at 160.

  8. I only obtained 175 calories but I felt I left my legs on that Bike!
    Split Jerk: stoped at 230.

  9. 176…felt like I was somewhere near death after the 5th round…SPLIT JERKS after THAT??? Nope.

  10. Airdyne are straight from the pit of HELL!
    previous 199

  11. WOD = 207

    Split Jerk 135# x 5, 155# x 1. No gas left in the tank.

  12. 166 up from 143

  13. Andrea
    Bike: 171 not many WODs leave me feeling nauseous, but I thought I might vomit after round two. I did test round four by simply keeping a steady pace, as opposed to a tabata effort. Didn’t result much. Bummer! I do think this workout may have blasted the lasting effects of Mondays thrusters out of my legs, however. I can finally walk!
    Split jerk to 115

  14. 125 up from 98
    sj 80 up from 50

  15. Made this one up this morning (sat)…work out from hell for sure! Threw up mid work out:/ ugh! =149 (35,30,28,26,30)

  16. 134

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