WODS for the week. 8-4-14 to 8-8-14

August 4, 2014

Monday- Skill-Pistols. Video HERE. Page down to see 4 short video clips. Watch from the first one, and only continue if you know you can progress beyond what’s shown. Work- 21-15-9 Thrusters @ 95/65. Rest period equal to work. Strength- 4×6 Pistols. Use enough assistance that you can get 6 reps unbroken.

Tuesday- Olympic Lifting- Full Snatch. 20 Minutes. Strength/Work- AMRAP in 8 Minutes 2 Shoulder Press, 4 Push Press, 6 Push Jerks @ 135/95 * every drop mid-set = 1 uncredited rep. Work- For time- 5×50 r and left (10 sets total) single leg Jump Rope. 50 reps right, 50 reps left( =1 set) x 5.

Wednesday- Athlete’s choice – Work- 10 minute Max Effort Monostructural OR Mile Run with a KB. Strength- Strict Chinup 5-10 reps. Go C2B if possible. Mobility-Legs, Low back Shoulders.

Thursday- Olympic Lifting- Clean and Jerk, full movement for technique. Work- For time 250m row, 15 burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 Burpees 250 m row.

Friday- Skill Review Pistols. Work- EMOM x a possible 15 minutes 7 thrusters 75/50, 7 pullups, 7 burpees. Only fully completed rounds count (based on the Bergeron Beep Test). Strength- Shoulder press.



  1. WOD 3:00 rx last time 3:05
    My pistols definitely need work

  2. 3:20 for thrusters

  3. 3:10 rx
    2 sets of 6 pistols (R and L)

  4. WOD: 2:57rx
    Pistols …not so much. Jill rocks.

    • Not at thrusters! Good job

  5. Pistols–got to where I could do a few on my left leg, right not so much

    Work- 4:33 @ 50lb. Found record that I did do this before–6:02@55

  6. Thrusters 4:53rx (last time 4:14rx). Have a shoulder issue, not sure where it came from or what I did.

  7. Thrusters: 6:22 rx’d – pure torture
    I like doing pistols, but legs were pretty much shot and I only got in 1 set of pistols on each leg

  8. First day back in about 2 months. WOD = 5:58 at 65lbs. I did rounds of 21 and 9 unbroken, but had to split the round of 15. I definitely need to work on pistols. I liked the videos and will definitely use these drills in the future. I physically could not do 4×6 pistols after thrusters. Was nauseated for a good hour after the gym. Will try to work these in another day this week — maybe open gym.

  9. Thrusters RX 2:59.
    Pistols were piss poor after that. I did them on Jill.

    • That would be Jill the tire ;oD

      • Thanks for clearing that up. 😛

  10. WOD: 2:40 RX
    couldn’t complete one good pistol.

  11. Andrea
    2:57 Rx (last time was 3:09)
    All sets unbroken . . . Will have to focus on technique to get faster

    I suck at pistols!

  12. 21-15-9

    Pistols are good on my right leg. Left leg needs work.

  13. Thrusters Rx in 9:11

    21 Finished – 1:40
    Rest – 3:20
    15 Finished – 5:50
    Rest – 8:20
    9 Finished – 9:11

    • What a terrible fucking time.

  14. Thrusters 2:38 with 65lbs ( first time putting weight overhead in two months. So far no pain in the shoulder)

  15. 2:55 down from 3:39 at 65lbs

  16. 5:30 65lbs

  17. 6:05 @85#

  18. Thrusters: 3:28

  19. Thrusters 4:40 @65, last time 5:18

    1 confirmed pistol…may have done 4 in a row but no judge so adding a disclaimer. 🙈

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