WOD for Thursday 8-7-14

August 7, 2014

10 minutes–Work to a heavy Split Jerk

10 Minutes– Work to a heavy Squat Clean

Work- for time. row 250, 15 burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 burpees, row 250



  1. Oh fuck. I almost died last time we did this.

  2. 4:26 PR. last 7/10/14 4:28

  3. 6:19

  4. 454 rx PR

  5. Jerk- 135, Clean- 135
    WOD- 5:04, last time 5:24

  6. WOD: 4:30 – lungs still burn

  7. 5:34, 5:48 last time

  8. 5:30, last time was 5:52
    Completed KB unbroken and rowing felt good. Burpees destroy me….

  9. WOD 4:44

  10. 5:14

  11. Split 115
    Squat Clean 105
    WOD 6:16

  12. 4:57 6 seconds slower than in January, but I attribute that to lack of attendance to recover for injury and still recovering from surfing too much on Tuesday…that seems legit.

    This hurt worst than my best Fran of 4:49 and I didn’t even PR today which is a little demoralizing…Any suggestions on immediate post Wod recovery are welcome…supplementation-wise.

  13. I’m taking your advice Brock and taking off today but I’m not happy about it! My wrist is killing me…suggestions beside just frequent icing?

    • Other than avoiding anything that hurts, sadly no. DO come in and do your own, wrist pain free thing.

  14. Split jerk 195
    Squat clean 215
    Wod 3:39rx PR
    Previous bests
    July 10-14=3:46rx
    Jan 2014-3:56rx
    Dec 2013-4:15rx

  15. Jerk-165 Clean-165
    WOD – 4:15 rx

  16. Pure fucking misery.

    5:29 down from 6:02 last time.

  17. Split jerk 90.
    Shoulder/arm issue, didn’t push it. Cleans hurt. Didn’t do them.

    Wod 4:55 rx. Last time 4:54. Maybe better next time!

  18. 5:31 today , last time 5:29. I don’t know if that really counts as enough change one way or the other. I guess since I have been celebrating my birthday all week by eating and drinking whatever the hell I want, has caused me to not improve. My guess is any other day, I might have done better. Who knows, bottom line, I’m not really any worse.

    • 115# split jerk
      140# squat clean

    • Happy Birthday 🙂

  19. 4:32. Booooo. Last time 4:24. I felt myself moving like a snail on the burpees. Next time will be better. Booo.

  20. Andrea
    Split jerk: 145
    Squat clean: 125
    WOD: 4:36 last time was 5:05

  21. 4:40 down from 4:46


  22. Split Jerk- 80
    Clean- 95
    Work- 6:17

  23. Jerk – 165
    Squat Clean – 165 (heaviest load i lifted in 6 months)
    6:14 again… i hate burpees.

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