WOD for Tuesday 8-12-14. Team games anyone?

August 12, 2014

Skill/Olympic- Snatch. Work to 80% of max effort. Catch Low

Work- 3 RFT 20 Snatches 75/55, 20 Wallballs 20/14, 20 Toes 2 Bar.

Garage Games Athletes Sub Event # 3 AMRAP in 15 of 30 Doubles, 20 Wallballs, 10 Snatches at 75/55.

Strength- 4×8 Overhead Squats. Looking for 80% full intensity. Challenging but still handleable.

Andrea W. asked after the possible resumption of team games, which I am definitely in favor of. In the past, we’ve kept things very informal, along the lines of “Anyone interested show up and we’ll put together teams on the fly and go from there”. That worked well for a 1-off but then faded quickly. I’d be very interested in a format that was a little more formal and serious, at least as far as the judging goes. Perhaps 1x a month with events announced ahead of time, perhaps specifically perhaps just generally. If there’s interest, please comment below. These would take place either Sat day or Perhaps on a special Friday Night time slot.

Beach Games will return for Labor day, likely Sat am.



  1. Yes team games.

  2. Yes to team games and YES to beach games!!!

  3. Snatch, wall balls, toes 2 bar wod13:30 rx

  4. Interested in team games

  5. Garage Games 205 reps (3 rounds+45)
    Last preformed 8/2/14 160 reps.
    Better day for DU’s

    • Yes for team games

  6. Interested

  7. Yes. Team games- time frame is excellent, Friday afternoon, sat mornings

    WOD 15:18 k2e/ kneeups
    Snatch practice 70#
    OHS 8@70#, 16@80#- thanks Brock for the instructions on moving my hand position to alleviate pain in my wrists-definitely way better!

  8. Yes, team games and beach!!

  9. Snatch skill @ 55 and 60lbs.
    Work = 148 reps in 20 minutes with scaled 2TB.

  10. 14:37 scaled T2B

  11. I did the Garage games #3 and went 4 rds and 23 doubles for a score of 363. My doubles have gone to SHIT. I used to roll thorugh 40-50 unbroken. I did an unbroken ANNIE at one point in time, and today my doubles were easily 1/2 the total time. Double Unders are on the front burner for me over the next 3 weeks, that’s for sure. Attack your weaknesses but touch base with your strengths or they turn into weaknesses. Sigh…. the struggle continues.!

    • Sounds ALOT like my double under story…let me know when you find the cure…I have as well done an almost unbroken annie in the past…now its hell to string together 4 or 5.

  12. 17:43 rx. Last time I didn’t even get halfway through my last round of wallballs before I quit at around the 18 mark, so not only i pleased with my time but just happy to have finished!

  13. 30 double unders 20 wall balls 10 snatches @75
    4 rounds and 22 double unders

  14. Garage games 3 scaled 40-49 280 reps

    • Yes for team games

  15. 3rds of 20/20/20
    Previous time 15:33rx

  16. Snatch PR 145
    WOD DNF by 12 reps
    No OHS attempted.

  17. 1 hr 45 min singles match (W 6-4, 6-4). Will make this up tomorrow.

    Yes to team games if I don’t have a match.

  18. 21:05 with knees to chest

  19. Andrea
    WOD: 13:18 Rx
    Previous time was 15:38 Rx
    Overhead squats at 80-90-90

    • Unreal time! Great job!

  20. WOD: 14:46 with scaled toes-2-bar

    In for team games if I’m not working. Working this weekend.

  21. Snatch 5 wod max 20 min. 2nd rounds + 17 kups 30 lbs, 10 ball, ku

  22. 19:59 rx’d – I can cycle 10 t2b but can’t cycle worth a crap the stupid $%#@! wallballs

    • Hey, remind me to show you one or two possible solutions.

  23. 16:08rx. Last time was 17:06rx.

  24. Did 2 rounds (late start)
    12:34 rx

  25. I am interested in team games when I am in town….:)

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