WODS for the week of 8-18 to 8-22-14. Additional Classes Announced.

August 18, 2014

Soccer moms and the idle rich, rejoice. Starting in September we will be adding an additional 8:45 class. This seems to be the time that satisfies most of the “I have to drop off my kid at school” demand. Between the conclusion of the 7am and the start of the 8:45 the gym will remain accessible to any and all members, operating the same as weekend open gym.

9.25 extra hours of operation at no additional cost?!?! That’s called “winning like a Lannister!”

(fine print– The combined demand for 1230 and 130 is markedly down. In case this is due to summer break schedules, we’ll give those classes the month of September to pick up, and if they remain poorly attended we’ll explore condensing them into 1 class.)

WODS for the Week.

Monday 8-18-14
FRAN– 21-15-9 Thursters/Pullups. Multiple groups. Everyone gets a judge. Squats must hit depth. Bar must be overhead. Full extension at the elbow. Chin above the bar.

Tuesday 8-19-19
Skill- 10 Minutes- Snatch Balance.
Strength- 3 attempts in a 10 minute window to get your heaviest unbroken set of 20 reps of Close Grip Bench.
Work- Teams of 2. For time
50- Overhead Squats 95/65
400 M Run
30 Burpee Over The Box Jumps 24/20
20 Tire FLips Jill/Thera
100 Calories Row or Airdyne (one or the other)


WORK. 4 mini-wods, start each new wod every 5th minute.

A) 400 M KB carry for time. m-53×2, w-35×2

B) Max Reps wallballs 20/14 in 4 Minutes

C) Max Reps Rope Climbs in 4 Minutes

D) 5 RFT 10 Doubles 10 Pistols (scale to 20 reverse lunges)

2nd– MOBILITY. Roll out/Extended stretch for 10 minutes.

3rd– Supine Row 4×8 @ bodyweight. Slow your pace to make 8th rep 100% effort.

Technique- 10 Minutes Cleans from the high hang. 10 Minutes Split Jerk.

Work- AMRAP in 10 minutes 3,6,9,12 etc to infinity of:
Over the Bar Burpees
Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/80

Just to make it a little different: No drops above the hang.

Skill- 10 minutes:Handstand Revisited

Strength- 10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift (to 85%)

Work- 5x Run 400 M leaving every 5th minute.



  1. Sorry, that’s 8.75 extra hours.

    • Woohoo! Now this soccer mom needs to become an idle rich soccer mom with a nanny…

  2. Fran 8:15 PR – previous best was 9:05

  3. FRAN: 8:37

    This was my first crack at this …and it was every bit as bad as I expected. It was definitely a learning experience for the next time though.

  4. Fran: 10:56 rx’d (?? or somewhere around there)
    ripped my hand on the 10th pullup in round of 15. hurt like a bitch and seriously slowed me down.

    • Oh – and looking forward to the earlier class!

  5. Fran 3:53 rx. Last time was 3:50.

    • You are a monster man! And your pull-ups were pretty much all butterfly!

  6. 8:25rx. I know I did Fran a couple years ago but don’t remember my time.

  7. Fran hurt my feelings today. I fell on my round of 9 thrusters on number 6 and almost quit when I realized I wasn’t going to beat my time and post Fran pain started to set in…but Brock kept telling me to get the ef back up so I did. To add even more insult to injury, last time we did this was the day after CFG and I was insanely sore and 50 second faster. I need to take a few more breaths on my breaks and I think I can shave a lot of time. My first round was over in 1:48…I will force myself to wait until at least 2:15 to start my round of 15 next time.

    Fran: RX 6:59…last time 6:10 FML

  8. FRAN 4:09rx. Not thrilled. My previous was 3:47rx. My thrusters were unbroken but my pull-ups were ugly. I will dominate her next month.

    • Like with whips and chains?!?

      • if that is what it takes.

  9. FRAN 8:58 +2 bands, 12:00 last effort. 3 min improvement!!!!!!

  10. FRAN in 10:41 – Rx thrusters, black band for pull-ups

    Substantially up from 6:42 on 7/21 but thruster weight up from #65 to Rx

    I’ll take it.

  11. Skipped Fran (shoulder rehab) did garage games deadlift box jump workout 18,12, 6……2:51 (miscounted on round of twelve and lost 10-15 seconds) previous time was 2:41

  12. FRAN 8:11 rx – way slower than last time 6:26, my pullups wereally way slowe this time. Thrusters ok. I hope I can get that 6:30 range again.

  13. Andrea
    For the record, I did not avoid Fran today. The j-o-b got in the way. Booooo

  14. Fran – 5:51 last time was 5:07… new game plan for next month!

  15. Fran 13:45 w/purple band
    Previous was 15:08 same band

  16. 9:58 with 50 pounds and bp2lr bands

  17. Fran 9:58 Rx’d
    I lost all of my old stuff in MYWOD when I switched phones but the last Fran time I could find was 10:19 back in 1/13 so I think this is a PR. I’ll take it!

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