August 26, 2014

This Saturday, (if there’s sufficient interest) we’ll have our last team beach games of the season.

As we did on 4th of July Weekend, Wilmingtonians will meet at the gym at 8:30 and CB residents can join us at Beach Access 100 at 9am. This is immediately in front of our old location on the CB boardwalk.

We’ll divide into 2, 3 or 4 teams and show those drunken hicks what fitness looks like! Expect a mix of new events and old favorites.

Fun will be had by all and wont be repeated until NEXT SUMMER.

The cost for this event is Zero Dollars.

We need a minimum of 12 people. Please rsvp in the comments section below.



  1. I’m game.

    • Ryan, take some Dale’s Pale Ale for all to enjoy

  2. I wish I could but I work Friday night so I’m out :/ I will carry around a large man on my back later that day to make up for it!

    • I’m not that large Jenny from the Beach…despite Brock repeatedly calling us Fatties.

      I’ll be out of town revealing the gender of my mini-me to our families this weekend.

      • I never said fatty!! Just large! 🙂 Happy gender reveal party!!!!

  3. I am in.

  4. Andrea and my sister Tamarin are in!

  5. I’m in

  6. I am in for Saturday

  7. I’m in

  8. I am in!

  9. I am in!

    • Pls bring Kristen too!!! ~andrea

      • I’m game

  10. Marcia and I are in!!!!!!!

    • This is our first time doing beach games. I’m excited to be a part of it. Regular CF attire?

      • Yes, Steve- but we will go in the water at the end for the final event so dress accordingly.

  11. I’ll be there, thanks for putting it on!

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