Please record your Airdyne totals here. 8-28-14

August 29, 2014


  1. WOD: 215
    Previous 2x: 203, 204

  2. 174 – first time at this and still getting the work load up

  3. 228

  4. 143, than 166… this time 163. Sucked. It was hard to force myself to front squat after that shit. Glad I made it in. No one likes a fat bride.

  5. Started off the day planning to run 3.5 miles. Phone crapped out on mile 1, lost my music and stopped running. Went to the 12:30 to do the death bike thing.
    Dawn talked me into doing Monday’s thruster work which I sucked at – 37 @ 65lbs
    Since I sucked at the thrusters, I did today’s work – 121 calories

    • That was a lot of activity. The Progenex will be put to the test.

      • My legs were a little sore last night, but fine today. I’m sold.

  6. AD WOD = 224
    (48, 47, 42, 44, 43)

    Up from 207 on 7/31

  7. Andrea
    Airdyn: 174, slight increase from 171 last time. So glad we are done with this one

  8. Airdyne hell 132 calories

  9. 138, I think…I waited too long to post

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