Record scores for Friday 8-28-14 here. Beach Games update. Progenex order next week.

August 29, 2014

Skill- Kipping/Butterfly review
WOD A- Against a 2 minute clock, complete 2 rds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats) then row for calories with any time remaining. rest 2 minutes x4 cycles. Total Time 16 minutes.

WOD B- EMOM 1) 5 Deadlifts @ 275/185 2) 10 OTB Burpees 3) 20 Situps x 5 cycles. Total time 15 minutes.

Beach Games are ON, Saturday 9-11 am. but please RSVP in the Comments section, even if you’ve told me face to face that you are going. I’m 100% sure I’ve already forgotten. There is no open gym on Saturday.

Sunday Open Gym from 10-12.

I’m about to order from Progenex and will likely not order again until November. I personally see a significant difference in muscle soreness from the progenex recovery shake. Several of our membership now uses it as well, although some are more verbal about how much they love it. Jill, Geoff, Lia, Jade, Kurt, Scott Shap, Marcos, Ryan P, Clark, Larry and a few others have all tried it. If you’re on the fence based on my endorsement, talk to one of them and get their feedback. While it is more expensive than many brands, it is the only recovery shake in my experience where the results were palpable on the same day with the first dose.

Tastewise, I think Mocha is fantastic, Chocolate and Vanilla are really good, Strawberry is ok. Full disclosure, Kathleen think the Strawberry tastes “like vomit”. But recall you can get your money back if you dont like it or it doesnt work.

If you do want some in the next two months, please let me know.



  1. WOD A 59 calories
    WOD B 15 scaled to 235 deadlifts

  2. WOD B. Calories 37 (last preformed 24)
    WOD A 15 @ 275 RX = 175 reps
    Came close to throwing up on the way home, very close!
    Good day for Progenics Recovery

    • Backwards on A & B

  3. That was a bear. Scaled everything, skipped lots of burpees and also almost lost my guts.
    With that said, I’m in for beach games. Thanks Andrea for talking me into it.

  4. Did the workouts, sort of.
    I’m in for beach games

  5. In order of completion:
    Wod b 15@235lbs
    Wod a 17 calories – need to improve push-ups

  6. Brock can I get a mocha recovery please?

  7. A: 13 calories rx’d – up from 6
    B: 15 @ 155

    I would like a mocha recovery. Thank you!

  8. WOD A 53 Calories I was trying so hard to case after Greg but just could not catch him! Great job Greg!
    WOD B 15 RX

    • I was chasing after Greg…

      • Great Job Glen!

  9. WOD B: 15@275 Rx (performed 1st)
    WOD A: 35Rx

  10. WOD A – 63 cal.
    WOD B – 15 @ 275

  11. Wow! You do remember me!! It’s true, I did not care for the strawberry flavor.

    I’ll be there tomorrow for what is sure to be a lot of pain and suffering on my part.

  12. WOD A – 52 (1 round)
    WOD B – 15@ 155

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