Please record your scores for wed 9-3-14 here.

September 3, 2014

Athlete’s choice – Work- 10 minute Max Effort Monostructural OR Mile Run with a KB. Strength- Strict Chinup (Palms facing you) 5 x 5×10 reps. Full stiop/Dead hang. Go C2B if possible. Mobility-Legs, Low back Shoulders.



  1. 2 sets with no fails, the rest I had to piece together to make 5.
    Bike: 127 first time doing 10 on the bike. Goal to get 150 next time

  2. 1 mile kb run 11:55rx
    Last time was 13:06

  3. Bike 168 calories. Last time 172

  4. +2 assistance for sets of 10 – got 7 on round 1 at bw and struggled from there

    10 minutes of DUs = 348 – PR is 416

    ran 4 miles yesterday and had a tennis match last night so that might have had an impact on DUs today?

  5. Airdyne 10 minutes 182 calories. Knee was no issue. PR is 194. Have not cracked 190 in my last 3 attempts. Not sure what was so right about that 194 effort.

  6. Row – 164, last time 169… lagged a bit around minutes 5-7. 170+ very doable but I need to hammer down.

  7. Row 160 cal . First attempt.

  8. If anyone is going to the masters garage games and needs a roommate I’m available. My wife isn’t going to able to go. Plan on driving up Friday and stay in Concord as close as possible to the games site. Let me know 910-620-6059

  9. KB Mile – 11:28

    15 seconds slower than 11:13 on 8/06. Of course, I don’t think the heat index was 100 then.

  10. Row 2300m… Chin-ups BW 4×10 unbroken…. 5th set dropped at 8th rep (mostly c2b but a lot of twitching/kipping)

  11. Pu= bplr last 2 sets bp for 5 then lr
    ad= 103

  12. AD – 95. 106 last time. Did it interval style last time
    Chin ups – a few at BW, rest at +2. Not c2b

  13. Chinups 5×10 with purple band assistance. Rower with damper at 5 (I think Brock was feeling sorry for me) = 102 calories in 10 minutes.

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