September 4, 2014



WHY- To Be More Elite and Platinum-er

HOW- 9 am Walkthrough of movement standards. Events explained. Challenges issued. Gauntlets Thrown.

WHAT- 5 Events

40-40-40: 40 Five m Shuttle runs, 40 Cal Rower, 40 Cals Airdyne

3 rounds of DT for Time: 12 Deadslifts 9 Hang Cleans, 6 S2O’s.

AMRAP in 4 minutes of 4 Burpees, balance beam traverse, 4 Pullups, Balance Beam Traverse

Ball Throw For DIstance: Men 40lbs, Women 30 Lbs. 3 Attempts

1 Event unannounced.

See you there.



  1. I’m ripping this one from past competition: AMRAP pull up in 1 min then on the start of the 2nd min 12 dead lifts @225 then 12 HSPU in 8 minutes for a total 10 min WOD
    7 HSPU
    7 THRUSTER 95
    7 T2B
    7 deadlifts 225
    7 burpees
    7 KB Swings
    7 pull ups. Same as The Seven but with modification

  2. I am STOKED! Weeoooooot!

  3. Team or individual?

  4. Kate- this time we’ll do individuals and look at teams down the road.

    It should be fun. It will be right as we come off of Skill development and roll into a strength focused period.

  5. As long as there are NO thruster/over the bar Burpees, or something similar, I’m probably in.

    Are you inviting other area gyms as well?

    ~ Andrea

    • Andrea, No; this will be CFCB only. I better stick to making no promises on the events just yet…

  6. So much fun!!!! Thanks again Brock! I wish more people would have taken advantage of the awesome event. We appreciate your hard work in putting this together!

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