Record scores for 9-5-14 here.

September 5, 2014

THe EMOMx15 Thrusters, Pullups, Burpees. 7m/5w



  1. 9 RX…I think with a little tweak in my game plan I could get 10…but 9 hurt bad!

    3 on, then off one on one the rest of the way.

  2. 10 rxd

    Last time I got 11rxd, but I don’t think I was this sore going into it last time. Sucked.

  3. 12 rx’d & PR
    So I really thought that I had gotten 12 the past 2 times, but I actually got 11. I was trying for 13, but got my timing off. 13 is the goal for next time!

  4. 10 rounds. Last time 11.

  5. 10 rounds – also had 11 last time

  6. Open gym tomorrow?

  7. 9 rounds this time. Kurt and I came out of the gate strong with 4 in a row. We crapped out after that! I’m still blaming Italy. I don’t know what his problem was.

    • Wow! Smack Talk

  8. 8 rounds at 50lbs with the black band assistance for pull-ups. I got through the last two rounds on pure peer pressure from Brock and Rick. Thanks for that extra push and encouragement guys!!!

  9. 8 @ Rx. And I wouldn’t have gone that far if there wasn’t a Pastor near by.

  10. 4 rounds total – Rx thruster, black band
    Mins 1, 3, 5 & 8

    Down from 5(?) rounds last time, same scale

  11. 13 rounds Rx. Can’t get over that. Did 9 then 1 off the 2 and 1 off and 2 more. Next time I’ll get it…..maybe

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