LAST WEEK, BIG WEEK. 1 Rep Max Snatch, C&J and FRAN. Please Note: Afternoon Class Schedule Change as of Tuesday!

September 15, 2014

Please note: as of Tuesday 9-16, the 1230 and 130 sessions will be condensed into 1 midday class meeting from 1-2 PM. My hope is that will lead to numbers comparable with our AM and PM sessions, which is ultimately more fun. I hope to have the website itself updated very soon to reflect this new schedule.

WEEK of 9-15 to 9-19

Monday- FRAN 21-15-9 Thrusters @ 95/65, Pullups

Tuesday- Skill- Snatch Max
Strength- 3 attempts in a 10 minute window to get your heaviest unbroken set of 20 reps of Close Grip Bench.

Work- For Time 250m row, 15 burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 Burpees, 250 m Row.


WORK. 4 mini-wods, start each new wod every 5th minute.

A) 400 M KB carry for time. m-53×2, w-35×2

B) Max Reps wallballs 20/14 in 4 Minutes

C) Max Reps Rope Climbs in 4 Minutes

D) 3 RFT 10 Doubles 10 Pistols (scale to 20 reverse lunges)

2nd– MOBILITY. Roll out/Extended stretch for 10 minutes.

3rd– Supine Row 4×8 @ bodyweight. Slow your pace to make 8th rep 100% effort.

Skill/Olympic- 1 RM Clean and Jerk

Work- AMRAP in 10 minutes 3,6,9,12 etc to infinity of:
Over the Bar Burpees
Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/80

Just to make it a little different: No drops above the hang.

Skill- 10 minutes:Handstand Revisited

Strength- 10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift (to 85%)

Work- 5x Run 400 M leaving every 5th minute.



  1. Fran: 12:04 w/ purple band
    August 13:45
    July 15:48

    • I would say that’s a pretty awesome improvement!

  2. Did not do Fran today. Still pretty sore from the competition.

  3. 9:03
    Did it in 7:47 back in July (NOT at 6am)

    I’m blaming summer vacations and other gluttonous activities for my shitty time today. But I got in there and did it. There was some serious bargaining/excuse making going on in my head this morning.

  4. 7:22 @50lb & +2 band

    July was 7:11 same setup

  5. 10:32 today/ 12:29 Aug 18th / 17:48 Aug 2nd. Thanks Larry for judging. Brad

  6. 4:59 today @ 7:00 a.m. 4:57 in August and 4:55 in July. Last time was an afternoon class, so that’ll be my excuse.

  7. 8:23 rx’d and PR
    10:56 in August (ripped hand)
    8:34 in July

    Pretty happy with this since I’ve been sporadic due to tennis and running schedules

  8. 4:59 PR – previous best was 5:07 – before this cycle my PR was 6 something back in December. Thanks Brock!

  9. 8:23 with 50 and BP2LR, was 9:58 on 8/18

  10. Today was the worst I’ve ever felt after Crossfit in almost 3 years. I almost barfed! This would all be well and good if I set a pr but it was far, far from it.

    Here are my splits:

  11. FRAN in 9:43 (Rx thrusters, black band pull ups). Down from 10:41 on 8/18

    After the workout, I began uncontrollably moaning/crying so loudly I felt it would be better for gym morale to go outside.

  12. Andrea
    Well, I sucked it up today as well. 7:30 Rx, previous was 7:14 rx, prior to that I had only completed Fran with band assistance.

    Pull- ups, once again, got the better of me. I don’t think it is totally a strength/body weight issue, but rather mechanical. I think I should have someone video tape my technique so I can figure out what’s wrong. Any which way you look at it, it fucking sucks!

    • At least you got there today and did the work. I couldn’t get away from work. I would be happy to record your pull-ups any time, so don’t hesitate to ask.

  13. 8:25rx in August and 8:29rx today.
    I tried breaking up the thrusters to avoid standing around during pull-ups but apparently that was not as genius as I had hoped.

  14. FRAN – 8:58 uggggggggghhhhhhh
    Last time was 8:15 was hoping for sub 8. finished 21 set at 3:00 and thought it was doable… but I bonked. pullups got me this time, felt good on thrusters.

  15. 12:26
    2 red bands
    50lbs thursters

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