Overview Continued and WODs for the week. Sept 22-26, 2014.

September 22, 2014

Traditional CrossFit: Your strength bias will be very similar to past programs with this exception. Rather than 4 weeks at each rep scheme, we will shorten the time spent there to 3 weeks. So 3 weeks at 4×8, then 3 at 4×5 and 3 weeks at 4×3 respectively. 12 weeks of strength worked very well (avg gain of 16% in the past 2 cycles) but it IS a little on the long side of acceptable, and some of you who were on a second exposure to the 12 week bias seemed to peak around week 9-10. Additionally we will test AND start the same week, with the first week having only 3 sets of each action as opposed to 4. So your template looks like this

Week 1- test and then 3×8 @ 80% of your 1 rm.

Weeks 2 and 3- 4×8 @ 80%+ of your 1 rm

Weeks 4,5 and 6- 4×5 @ 87.5% of 1 rm.

Weeks 7,8 and 9- 4×3 at 92.5% of 1 rm

Your goal is to increase total weight lifted every week within the same rep scheme. So your score would be expressed as total pounds. Much as we’ve done in the past.

Your lifts are scheduled as follows:
Monday- Deadlift
Tuesday-Shoulder Press
Thursday- Back Squat
Friday- Bench Press

Please note: You can sub clean for deadlift and front squats for back squat, but if that’s your preference you may want to look at the Open Prep programming, where those lifts are prioritized.

Traditional CrossFit WOD’s for the first week are as follows:

Monday- Test 1 RM Deadlift, 3×8 deadlift @ 80% of test. Work- 20 RFT -5 Wallballs, 5 Pushups, 1 Power Clean at 185/115 (Caps at 15 mins)

Tuesday- Test 1 RM Shoulder Press, 3×8 SP at 80%. Work- 5x 2 On/ 4 off Row for calories.

Wednesday- Test 1 RM Pullup, 3×8 @ 80%. Work- 4 rft 10 Burpees, 20 Situps, 30 Doubles

Thursday- Test 1 RM Back Squat, 3×8 @ 80%. Work- Amrap in 8- 1 Bear Crawl Lap, 1 Rope Climb

Friday- Test 1 RM bench Press, 3×8 @ 80%. Work- 3 rft 15 Toes 2 Bar, 15 S2O, 15 Box Jumps, 15 Hang Cleans. Shoulder prehab.

Next week, your total sets increase from 3 to 5 and accessory work is added.

OPEN PREP: Your path is different. You will have more exposure to the barbell movements we ALWAYS see in the open. Snatch, Clean, S2O’s, Thrusters. You will deadlift in high rep, low weight schemes, and count on a consistent dose of wallballs, toes to bar, pullups, burpees, and box jumps. Your strength bias scores and progresses differently than we’ve done in the past. You’ll get more heavy exposure to fewer exercises, as follows.

Monday and Friday you’ll both front squat and shoulder press, in both cases 5 sets of 5 reps, but with different load patterns. Monday you’ll go 5×5 at 85-87.5% of 1 rm for all sets. This will be your highest volume day and your most exhausting. At recommended loads, you will be hard pressed to get all the reps. On Friday you’ll take 1 set of your five, (which one is up to you) and you’ll attempt to peak at somewhere slightly above your monday loads. The other four sets may be the same as monday’s or slightly lower in weight. You’ll repeat this pattern for 4 weeks. On the fifth week you will deload by preserving your weights from week 4 but dropping your reps to 3. You’ll then resume trying to increase loads in weeks 6-9 but at 5 sets of 3 reps.

Tuesdays you’ll hit pullups as per Monday’s 5×5 at constant loads around 85-87%, deload week 4 and dropping to 3’s on weeks 6-9. Wednesday we will schedule one of the open WOD’s from years past and that will be all you’ll do that day. Thursday we will drill aspects of the olympic lifts, alternating between the Snatch and the Clean, and the work capacity that day will be a barbell focused metcon like Grace, DT or Isabelle.

Open Prep WODS for the first week are as follows:

Monday- Test 1 RM in the Front Squat and Shoulder Press. Then 3×5 @ 85% FS, 3×5 @ 85% SP. Work- Against a 6 minute clock, row 1k, then amrap burpees.

Tuesday- Test 1 RM Pullup. Then 3×5 @ 85% Pullup.

Wednesday- Open Workout 13.2 AMRAP in 10 of 5 S2O @ 115/75, 10 Deadlifts @ 115/75, 15 Box Jumps/Stepups

Thursday- 4×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift. 5×1 Snatch (full movement) Work- AMRAP in 8 Minutes Hang Snatch r, Hang Snatch Left, Hang Power Snatch, Full Snatch, OHSx2 @ 95/65

Friday- SP 5×5 Peak, FS 5×5 Peak, 1×20 HBBS Max Effort. EMOMx10- 5 HSPU’s, 5 Burpees. Shoulder Prehab.

Next week, Monday and Tuesday Sets go from 3 to 5 and accessory work is added.

Both Programs will get a weekly dose of interval training on tuesday. Things like 2on/4off max calories on the Airdyne or 400 m sprints every 5th minute. These are typically hated by the average CrossFitter, but the training benefit is significant. They are purposely placed a day after or immediately after you finish shoulder pressing, as the intervals are typically shoulder friendly. My current knee issues aside, collectively I am more concerned about the shoulder than any other joint. It’s in near constant use in a lot of CrossFit programming, and it seems very slow to heal vs other joint issues. On that note, we will have a shoulder Prehab period immediately after Friday’s workout that I encourage you to take seriously.

Questions in the comments section are welcome. Get excited, you’re about to become stronger.



  1. Can’t wait!! Now to do some serious thinking about which route to take…

  2. I love both of them,…decisions, decisions.

  3. I have no preference but I’ll be curious as to what you both decide and why.

  4. Looking forward to it, will need your input on balancing my running schedule with the strength cycle to avoid overtraining

    • SP instead of deadlift – 67 lbs. 3×8 at 50lbs
      20 min recovery on the air dyne (tired legs)

  5. Thanks Brock for a well thought out plan for us!

  6. DL 1RM 385
    DL 295@8
    245@8 (Clark- James is correct w/245)
    6280 total
    WOD 14@135

  7. 305 1rm on deadlift
    245lb x 4 x 8 ( extra set in error)
    17 rounds at 135

  8. Deadlift: 355 1RM
    3×8@275 = 6600
    WOD: 18@155

  9. Deadlift 275
    WOD 18@ 155

  10. Front squat instead of DL:
    1rep max: 170 (tied old PR from about 2 years ago)
    3×8-135, 125, 125
    WOD: 16rounds even (sub 5 GHD back extensions for heavy clean)

    • Jill

  11. I learned a few things after attending my 1st 6am CrossFit class…

    1. Working out at 6am is not for me
    2. 6am athletes are a lot stronger than I previously thought
    3. I tend to believe working out at 7am is probably not for me either

    No 1RM

    Total DL weight = 4,910
    7 @ 295#
    3 @ 295#
    8 @ 245#

    WOD – 17 full rounds plus 5 wall balls (scaled to 95# cleans)

    • Maybe you should try the 1pm class…

  12. I just did DL & SP work due to running schedule.

    DL 1rm: 215
    3×8 @ 165 = 3960

    SP 1rm: 75
    8 @ 55, 8 @ 50 – stopped after 2 sets with shoulder pain

  13. Deadlier 1rm 335
    I’m worKing out some back pain.

    Did 18rds +4reps at 165

    • Deadlift

  14. I decided to do the Platnium Elite track! I think my shoulder will really hold me back in the Open track.

    I am excited and had a great day.

    Sumo DL 1rm: 245lbs
    I have only deadlifted twice since I have been back from the trail and both those times I didn’t go over 185lbs and before that I hadn’t deadlifted since before the trail. So in other words I am happy.
    3×8 @ 75% 185 = 4440lbs

    Walls balls/push-ups/clean @ 100: I did at least 15 rounds. Lindsay thinks I did more than that. I don’t feeling know 😦

    1k row and burpees: 16

  15. Deadlift 1RM 255, total 3x 8 4720
    WOD 15 rounds RX

    • Also, I still going with the ” platinum elite” label for my programming. Bahahahaha

  16. DL 1rm 290. Probably, truly about a 90% 1rm but a good baseline for me I think.


    WOD @ 165 for 16 rounds.

  17. 285 front squat. Same as last testing max.
    195 Shoulder Press. Same as last time
    SP work 2235 lbs
    Front squat work 3705 lbs
    6 min WOD 34 burpees

    • Correction last test max front squat was 290 6/14

  18. DL 365lbs (275lbsx24)… Wod 16 rounds + 5 wb’s @ 135lbs

  19. 400 lbs 1RM Deadlift
    3X8 300 lbs = 7200 lbs
    WOD finished in 14:32 @ 155

  20. 1 rep max DL – 255lbs; got 260 off the floor by a good inch or two.

    3×8 – 4,440 lbs (195×16, 165×8).

    WOD – 12 rounds + 5 Wallballs @ 80lbs cleans; best attempt with Wallballs, but most were pretty crappy. 1pm was crowded and I was doing my best to get 5 unbroken every time so faster, more competitive athletes weren’t standing around waiting to get the ball.

  21. 4×8 deadlift at 145 lb
    12 rounds plus 2 push-ups with my hands on the reebok stepper for push-ups (chest to step..hee hee) and 165 lb deadlift instead of the clean.

  22. Andrea
    DL 1R 260

    WOD 12:58 rx

  23. Standard deadlift 215
    160x8x3 = 3840

    16 rounds at 105.

  24. SP- 1 rm 65
    3×8-50×8, 50×7, 50×5=1000
    Work- 16 +8 @80lbs

  25. 1rm DL 200

  26. DL – 385 1 rep max
    3×8 @ 245
    18 rounds @ 255

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