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WOD for Halloween 10-31-14 Schedule Change!! No 6 pm.

October 31, 2014

Halloween.  I gotta get home and save my house from the neighborhood punks.  Therefore, NO 6 PM.  Saturday Open Gym is 10-12.

Open Prep

5×5 FS Peak on 1 set

5×5 SP Peak on 1 set

Strength 2- EMOM SP  Ladder.  Singles till you miss.  +5lbs every minute. Then EMOM FS Ladder.  Singles till you miss. +10 Lbs every minute.

Work- EMOMx18  A-20 Box Jumps B-10 Toes to bar C- 5 Hang Cleans @ 155/105


Strength 4×8 Bench Press for load

Strength 2 Wide grip Bench Press 3×5 @ 85% max effort

Work- 12 Minute Clock

30 Burpee Box Jumps


1 Clean, 1 Jerk

2 Cleans, 2 Jerks

3 Cleans, 3 Jerks

etc to infinity

@ 115/80


WOD for Thursday 10-30-14

October 30, 2014

Open Prep

3×5 Snatch Pulls  @ 100% of Snatch 1 RM.  Looking for speed on the bar.

5×1 Snatch (pretty)

Work- Isabelle 30 Snatches for time 135/95.  Scale to a weight that is challenging but that you can get consistently.


Therapy Roll-10 Minutes

Strength – Back Squat 4×5 for load.

Strength 2- 3×5 Reverse Lunges to 85% (pretty tough) full exertion

Work- EMOMx18 — a) 20 KB Swings  b) 20 Double Unders c) 20 situps  Minute 1-a, Minute 2-b, etc.


WOD for Wednesday 10-29-14

October 29, 2014

Open Prep

Open Workout 12.4 –12 Minute clock–

150 Wallballs

90 Double Unders

30 Muscle-Ups (Scale to 30 Ring Dips)

Traditional CrossFit

Strength- 4×5 Pullups for total load

Strength 2- E3MOM – Max effort 1)Chest To Bar Pullups 2) Wide grip Pullups 3) Chinups


Run 800 m, 15 WallBalls

Run 400 m, 30 Wallballs

Run 200 m, 60 Wallballs


WOD for Tuesday 10-28-14

October 29, 2014

Platinum Elite

Strength 1- Shoulder Press 4×5 for load.

Strength 2- 3×3 Negative Shoulder press at 110% of St 1.

Open Prep

5×3 Pullups for load

Work-  Both Groups

Against a 20 Minute Clock

5 Minutes each  Airdyne, Row, Heavy Rope, Burpees


WOD for Monday 10-27-14

October 27, 2014

Open Prep

FS 5×3 Across
SP 5×3 Across

Platinum Elite CrossFit
Strength- Deadlift 4×5 for Total Load
Strength 2- Prone Cobra 3×8

Work- Open Prep 2 rds, Platinum Elite 3 rds for reps

“Fight Gone Bad” Format- 1 min of 5 actions for max reps, 1 min rest between rounds.

1- Thrusters 95/65
2- Reverse Burpees
3- Crossover Pushups
4- Sandbag Step ups
5- Grasshoppers


2 Local Comps – 1 is tomorrow!

October 25, 2014

Tomorrow, our friends at Reignited are having a fund raiser to benefit a charity called “The Raider Project”.  It’s a fun looking long-ish chipper that has heats mostly all day with food by Mission BBQ.  2 Person teams mixed or same gender.  Details were released kind of late, so if you want to get in on things act fast.  There’s a link HERE.

On Dec. 6th,  CF Wilmington reprises THE SANDSTORM.  We sent 3 teams of 4 last year,  all rx-d but there are scaled divisons as well.  The events are slowly being released and thus far we only know that the first one is a two rep max Back Squat. Count on at least 2 medium length metcons that demand some measure of communication and labor division. Last year I built teams from interested parties. This year I leave that task up to you.   I can’t compete due to my likely knee surgery, Whitney is out as well, BUT  I’d love to send a team or more, so check your schedules and consider.  No links yet, but soon to follow.


Open Gym Saturday 9 am to 11. Sunday 10-12

October 25, 2014

Come in, work out.  Drag a tire before it gets too cold.